fractal of two: adrenal and kidneys

Did you know that in Psalm 16:7, ‘heart’ is really meant to say ‘kidneys’?!

I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my kidneys instructs me.

So much for theologians editing God’s medical advice to us.

And so begins this teaching of Fractal of Two: Adrenals & Kidneys.

A few key thoughts are as follows:
· Our kidneys are able to think
· They are judged by God for how righteously or unrighteously they think
· They have an immense contribution to the spiritual condition of the spirit and body
· They are the seat of a wide range of emotions like fear, sorrow and joy

This is an exploration of the fractal of two looking through the grid of the adrenals and kidneys. It is followed by a powerful series of blessings for them.

If you have ever done a detox you will now that sometimes things get worse before they get better. Heed the warnings on this CD album as you move forward.

On the upside people have reported better sleep waking up refreshed, more clarity while reading the Bible. Dreams, visions and new revelations of the nature of God, a new surge of joy, energy especially in those with chronic fatigue and the list goes on.

The prescription reads listen to one a day. Multiple times if it resonates with you. Soak in it, saturate yourself with it, listening to your spirit as you partner with it. Don’t rush it, this isn’t a race. If something surfaces, deal with it, keeping a log of your experiences, any changes you are feeling.
Stop if you get sick (this is detox, remember). Give it a rest. Go back when you are well. And when the detox is over, the breadth of positive results in the body is remarkable.

excerpt from fractal of two

Father, we come to you and plead original design. You have designed the adrenals to respond to fear when needed but to live in the place of joy. You have designed the adrenals to be a core part of our joy mechanism enabling us to experience the joy of the Lord and to be healed and edified by it. Yet we live in a broken world. All of us come with a library of traumas that can repeat itself sometime and even the hurt of potential repetition causes a wrong reaction in our adrenals.

So we come to you now and we ask you to purge the reactions from our adrenals. Leave the awareness and the alertness to potential danger you deem appropriate, right and just. Would you precisely edit the mater list of fearful things attached to our adrenals. Let there remain only those things that are appropriate for the day, the time and the culture in which we live. Each one of us has a different punch list, all with different areas to be alert in. We ask you to strip away, remove, purge and what you have done for me do to those who are listening. Utterly delete all of the source codes for every useless memory still haunting us because it is hard wired in to the adrenals.

Let this be a day of immense release for your people as you redeem this portion of our humanity from the works of the enemy.

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