God's Eye

For this track, God's Eye, we look at Psalm 32:8

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

The word for guide in this verse is counsel. I will counsel thee with mine eye. This is a fascinating concept, when you look at someone and follow their eye to what they are looking at and you see what you hadn't before. Commonly a leader will be looking at something and when you follow the eye of that leader you are instructed, informed, educated and edified by what he is looking at vs what you are looking at. 

Taking this to the macro we have the books of I and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Chronicles. By contrast we see the same stories but Kings is the story told from the perspective of man in a good linear sequence. The things noted are broadly what is important to man.

By contrast, Chronicles is the same story told over from God's point of view. These are the things that matter and are important to God. 

Side by side we see some incredible omissions. It extremely shouts that God discarded the whole story of Israel. He just tells the story of Judah. Beyond that there are times when a story gives a whole lot of press to a particular King or vice versa. There are times when God drills down on a particular aspect. When we look at scripture and life from God's point of view it is instructive, it guides us and helps us recognise the counsel of God that has already been in the past imprinted in our body and spirit. 

Within you is a huge deposit of counsel from God. Most of you listening to this are growing in frustration because your push back is, 'I can't hear anything. Nothing happens. This doesn't work for me.' My response to you is to allow yourself to be counselled by the eye of God. Look at stories from God's perspective and ask yourself what was he seeing? Why did he record this detail and leave out that one? What does God see vs what man sees. This exercise will train you and sharpen your ability to understand the council that is in you.

Begin with a simple exercise. Tonight when you go to bed ask the Lord one simple question. What mattered to you today? Scroll through your day. What mattered to God? As you let God to give your life the 2 Chronicles treatment, it allows you to see from his point of view, giving you access to the council that is within you.

prayer for God's Eye

I bless you with growing in skill at being counselled by God's eyes. I bless you with growing in skill and being able to comprehend, understand and grasp those things that are important to God in your culture so that you can more effectively hear the counsel he has placed in you, converting it into instruction from your kidneys and adrenals. 

questions to explore

Having listened to this track on God's eye, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Have you ever had this experience of following someone'e eye to see what you hadn't seen before? What was that like for you?

I encourage you to do the simple exercise. Scrolling through your day and allowing God to give it the 2 Chronicles treatment. Can you share any insights?

Do you have something to share about this topic?

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