God's values

Yea, my reins shall rejoice, when thy lips speak right things. Proverbs 23:16

As we follow the trail of emotions through scripture, we will primarily be looking at the emotion of joy. Breaking down this verse in Proverbs, God makes it clear that we are capable of the emotion of joy.

My reins shall rejoice when..

The father is observing the son's interaction and when the son's heart is wise it produces joy in the Father's heart. That speaking right things speaks of God's values, the things that are important to God. The spirit is capable of entering into a different kind of joy, a joy that affects our adrenals and kidneys when our spirit recognises someone living according to God's values. 

We have a clear picture of this when Jesus was baptised and heaven opened to the joy Father experienced in watching with great delight in his son's actions, as he began the divine adventure of redeeming mankind. 'This is my beloved Son, in whom I have found my delight.'

God's values in our kids produce a healing joy, a transforming joy into our adrenal and kidneys. This is how we should enter into partnering with God and savoring his joy when people speak and do right things.

blessing God's values

I bless you adrenals and kidneys with being able to celebrate what God celebrates, to be transformed, enlarged and enriched because you share the joy God shares over the things that matter to him.

I bless you with framing the things of life around the covenant relationship you have with God so you can look afterwards with immense joy not just surviving and avoiding the problem but out of watching how God executed it and entering the joy and pleasure over a well planned growth experience.

I bless you adrenal and kidneys with solving problems as a son would, seeing the abundance of the covenant resources instead of solving them as a slave which sees the lack of resources and has a poverty spirit.

I bless you with a deep deep transforming healing joy, life giving joy that comes by observing others around you incarnating right things, living out in their lives right choices, embracing God's values.

I bless you with being healed by the joy of sharing God's values.

questions to explore

Having listened to this section on God's Values, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Life will always be daunting at times. We need our spirit, soul and body to access repair. When in this process we have a better chance of reframing life's hurts. We change the landscape when we speak out the truths of our covenant with God. 

I bless you as you heal by the joy of sharing God's values.

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