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sapphire-connect, Issue #006 discovering a bigger view of GOD
August 20, 2015

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

The temperature has been taunting us with the taste of spring weather around the corner. However the ocean temps remain the same. COLD. I swam through yet another winter. Exhilarating experience!

Now onto the newsletter.

in this issue:

• new SLG website

• upcoming events

• SLG coaching/speed prayers

• product review: PTSD

• a moments retreat

New SLG Website

Websites, like all created matter hold a spiritual charge (think of defiled or anointed land or Paul’s handkerchief used to transport healing from town to town).

They too become a battery absorbing all of the emotional frustration of the users, as well as specific word curses applied by unhappy visitors.

One solution is to create a new website every three years when the old one has become so toxic customers drop out after one or two pages.

Christians should have a better idea which is to bless a website so that as it ages,it accumulates a richer and richer spiritual texture.

That is the plan for the new SLG site which launched on Monday the 17th. The theme for the first year is sweetness. Specific intercessors are committed to pray each week, but how good would it be if any (or a whole lot) of you joined in as well!

For the first week the focus is on words that refer to expensive spices used for detoxing the human body. This word is used for the spices that were so rare the Queen of Sheba brought them as a gift to Solomon. Hezekiah referenced the store houses of rare spices that he had.

Picture walking into a five star restaurant as opposed to McDonald's. A different experience altogether.

That is the experience SLG wants to portray; one of excellence to produce an attitude of respect from people, instead of their treating it as a generic tool designed to serve them.

Then there is the focus on purification. Esther was treated with these spices for months to prepare her body for the great encounter.

As we bless the SLG website, may it be a place where people can find purification not simply gratification.

If you would like, go to the website , especially the store which accumulates the most curses and ask God to cleanse the site from all angst accumulated in the previous week, then bless the site with these two flavors of sweetness.

As a trailblazing company, can you imagine what a site would feel like three years down the road, when tens of thousands of blessings have accrued on three precise, layered themes?

(Hmmm gets me thinking about my own website!)

Here is the anchor passage for the life of this website.

Psalm 107: 35-38

He turned the desert into pools of water and the parched ground into flowing springs; there he brought the hungry to live, and they founded a city where they could settle. They sowed fields and planted vineyards that yielded a fruitful harvest; he blessed them, and their numbers greatly increased, and he did not let their herds diminish. NIV

click here for the link to SLG's new website

Upcoming Events

September 2015


Most clinicians are familiar with “parts” or “alters” which result from extreme trauma to a young child. There are a variety of tools out there for healing the pain and integrating the parts back into the core of the person.

There are several tools available to the Christian that will accelerate the healing process.

The workshop will explore lightly some of the prevailing models of dealing with parts, then show in depth where we see Scriptural basis for a different approach to integration, using the power of the human spirit partnering with the Holy Spirit.

Location: Austria Trend Hotel, Austria


Simple reality. God answers some people’s prayers more often than other people’s prayers. That is a simple picture of authority. You can intentionally grow in authority over time.

Authority is needed to change things in the spiritual realm. Whether we are talking about deliverance, cleansing of defiled things or answered prayers, authority varies immensely from person to person.

There are four different kinds of authority in Scripture and they have different applications.

For this seminar, we will focus on finding out what kind of authority you were made to walk in (a design factor) and how you can intentionally develop those in your own life through specific disciplines.

Location: Austria Trend Hotel, Austria


Christians are broadly taught to know the facts of the Bible stories and to know the doctrines that their particular stream of the faith has espoused. Most are taught that they should spend time in the word daily to grow their spirit.

Sadly, the daily Bible study becomes a burden to most. They read the Word and there is no insight for their daily life and no excitement in their spirit. It is commendable to read the Word as a discipline, but it is preferable to read it out of delight!

This one day workshop is designed to help you learn some tools that will open the Word for you. Arthur will teach a concept, then people will work on the concept in the context of their own life and report back. It will be a highly interactive class with participation required from all.

Each person’s learning style is different, based on the spiritual gifts and their academic background. The objective of the day is to find some tools that fit your design and fit where you are in your own journey.

The class is limited to 50 people and will probably be sold out long before the event date. This will not be recorded since it will be highly interactive.

This one day workshop is designed to help you learn some tools that will open the Word for you. Arthur will teach a concept, then people will work on the concept in the context of their own life and report back. It will be a highly interactive class with participation required from all.

Each person’s learning style is different, based on the spiritual gifts and their academic background. The objective of the day is to find some tools that fit your design and fit where you are in your own journey.

Location: School of Healing, Switzerland


How do you measure an adult? One common metric is the amount of education he has. Another is his achievements in the marketplace. Nonetheless, if you place two people who have graduated from the same university and have comparable CVs, one will generally stand out as “better” than the other.

Our culture broadly does not have language to express the foundation upon which a life is built. We can just recognize 20 years down the road that one individual seems to have something better at the core than the next person.

God is a master at growing people to their full potential, and to do that, He starts with some core concepts at the foundation of a life.

This one day seminar will put language to the core assets that you need to acquire and will help you see a way forward no matter where you are in your journey.

If you have come from a damaged childhood and been through significant deliverance and inner healing, this is vital information to frame the next chapter of your life as you build. If you have been living life at full speed for years, with lots of external successes, but you are still feeling “less than” inside, this is also an opportunity to circle back around and establish the things you are still missing.

Location: School of Healing, Switzerland


The IPODD conference is platform stewarded by a group of social entrepreneurs who are unpacking embedded social treasures to provide the stimulus for cultural transformation.

Join social entrepreneurs, business people, ministry leaders, professionals who want to be intentional about living out God’s design and purpose in their workplace and anyone who considers themselves a change agent for a conference where global thought leaders in the area of cultural redemption and social transformation will meet to share strategy and exchange ideas.

The conference will feature a diverse range of speakers from around the world with internationally acclaimed leaders John Dawson and Arthur Burk. Hawaiian author and researcher, Daniel Kikawa, and Ugandan social entrepreneur, Andrew Rugasira, will headline the seminar speaker line up. Seminars and workshops will be presented covering the areas of business, the arts, education, social entrepreneurship,community development and governance.

On the final night of the conference a multi-cultural extravaganza featuring the expressions of the diversity and beauty of the peoples of the nations will conclude the event. Island Breeze International and South Roots will coordinate this multi-cultural celebration of music, dance and expression including the cultures of the Pacific, Africa and Asia. First nations people from around the world will be represented at the conference and bring their unique contributions throughout the event.

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

October 2015


Many people have spiritual discernment but they don’t know what it is or how to use it. This is training for everyone to learn how to use these tools in your daily life.

Children are often born with spiritual discernment, but when they try to walk in it, parents assure them they just made that stuff up and need to learn to behave! Thus, great gifts from God are shut down.

Fortunately all is not lost. As adults we can work through the childhood situations and awaken our discernment once again. Then comes the task of honing it so that it is accurate enough to be dependable. It takes time, but is doable.

This seminar is first for parents so they can identify their children’s design and partner with God. Then it is for every adult who is involved in Kingdom work.

There is a wide variety of discernment, and God gave you what you would need for the unique walk He knew you would have. Some can discern the spiritual qualities of weather and others of land. Some can discern the demonic and others can discern the gifts of God.

Few have the joy and dominion they should from their gifts, simply because they have been overlooked and ignored.

Join us for a fun day of discovery and restoration of dignity.

Location: Heritage Christian Academy, Calgary


Shame is incredibly corrosive at the core of our being. In addition to the fact that we all have things to genuinely be ashamed about, the devil is pretty good at making us feel share over imaginary issue.

Counseling to persuade us to release the shame is relatively ineffective. And most ineffective of all is the use of honor. In reality, when we are given honor to put over the top of our shame, it merely exacerbates the shame as we feel like hypocrites for wearing honor we don’t deserve.

God’s answer is dignity. Unfortunately, most people cannot differentiate between honor and dignity, nor do they know how to purposefully move toward dignity.

This seminar is designed to clearly showcase the power of dignity throughout Scripture and then develop a working model for these times.

The path to dignity is unique for each person. You need to learn the principles so you can weave them together in a manner that is fitting for your design.

Registration closes on October 19.

Location: River Rock Vineyard, Belgrade, MT



Mankind invests massive energy in the pursuit of false legitimacy. Understanding true legitimacy is a powerful launching pad for a real relationship with God.

Legitimacy is both a feeling and a reality. Many people feel legitimate based on the culture’s standards, when in reality they lack genuine legitimacy. The same is true in the church. All too often our feeling of legitimacy is based on the affirmations of the religious culture, when in reality, in the eyes of God, we lack much.

This seminar will look at a wide range of Biblical vignettes where people revealed their false legitimacy or real legitimacy.

Then we will explore what it looks like in this culture, with the reality of our unfinished journey, to weave the pursuit of genuine legitimacy into the larger package of our life skills.

Location: Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

click here for more information and to register

SLG Coaching- Speed Prayers

If you have been following along with SLG Coaching, you will know that the speed prayers continue building momentum.

Recap: The Egyptian heresy is serving as a slow-down mechanism to the things of God in our life and through a class action law suit, we as Noble Subjects have been standing together against it.

Daily blessings continue and will be kept at seven days a week for a bit longer, then probably drop back to three times a week. A minimum goal to prepare to go to the end of September.

Here is a snippet from Speed Prayer 31,Surprise Assets

Today we are going to make a change in the blog. Most days I will add a section called “Journey.” It is my experience that we tend to be much more vocal in asking God for stuff than in celebrating His provisions when He does meet our needs. So the Journey section will be to highlight some facet of the Blessing of Egypt that has manifested in someone’s lives.

I invite you to worship the King for that story, but then to add thanks for anything from your life from the last week, before you go to intercession. At the end of the day, a heart of worship turbocharges intercession.

People who pray from a place of desperation do get heard, but those who pray from a place of awe and gratitude walk in deep power.


click here to read Neridda's Journey

Product Review- PTSD

We are all on a journey. Depressed? So be it. We grow by beginning wherever we are. PTSD is a teaching that is full of new beginnings for good, bad and in between days. There are countless tools to change your brain, your emotions and your spirit.

Find out why self-medicating can be a powerful tool and how you can find more value in escapism than you do by looking at your environment and finding resources that are intentional and productive rather than toxic. We can choose.

PTSD like many other teachings is a celebration of restoring dignity and hope. That was the beginning point and foundational blessing for me. From there I am able to grow.

The last two cd’s contain 20 tracks for blessing your spirit and blessing your journey. It is like creating a landing pad all its own for the nurture that is needed to go forward.

If you have been feeling powerless as random feelings emerge to control you, than this tool is for you especially as you learn to make the choices to restore order to your inner world.

Let me know how it lands for you.

click here to read an excerpt from PTSD

A Moments Retreat

Did you ever feel like calling, Time Out! This is a moments retreat I bless you with for all of us struggling today.

The steadfast love of our Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22

I bless you, with a new day dawning. May these words be a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your spirit.

Lord, restore to us to your presence and raise the morning star in our hearts.

I speak over you that the days of your isolation and imprisonment are nearing its end. That the effects of all plundering and consequences of your suffering will cease.

I speak over you that it will not always be this way. There is a new day coming and that new day is dawning now.

can you hear it? can you see it? can you feel it? you can touch it and taste it. this new thing that is happening to you is for real.

I bless each moments retreat

I bless you with the lifting off of the garment of heaviness and the replacement of a garment of praise. i bless you with the lifting off of mourning and replacing it with the oil of God's joy.

I bless you with laughter being the order of your day, as a table has been prepared for you in the presence of your enemies.

I bless you with permission to feast not on crumbs but on the abundance of his household. permission to be, to rest to explore the sounds and sights surrounding you.

I bless you to get involved in the things you once owned and loved; to nurture and see the value in the things you put your hands to because God has invested a lot in you.

Listen now with your spirit for there is music in the air, the music of heaven descending and causing the airwaves around you to be holy.

The Lord is the bright and morning star and you are a reflection of his light and beauty. Shine your light in and through us today.

if something lands for you as it did for me, let me know, ok?

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