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sapphire-connect, Issue #013 discovering a bigger view of GOD
February 08, 2016

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

Every now and again I have to stop and worship God, giving thanks for this community of truth seekers. I am continually blown away by the confirmation I find in my spirit when more language is given in my key of music. It grips me deeply and stops me in my tracks. I have to pause and just enjoy the NOW. Because the NOW is way bigger than I could ever imagine. Such good stuff!

on to the newsletter...

in this issue:

• upcoming events and new release

⦁ slg coaching

• attention midwives and moms

• among the gum trees

• prophetic art of the redemptive gifts

Upcoming Events


"Garnet Business DNA" February 19, Alberta,Canada

"High Impact Christians" February 20, Alberta,Canada


"Your Baby’s Spirit" March 4, Wildberg, Switzerland

"Christians in the Culture" March 5, St. Gallen, Switzerland

"Tools for Builders" March 12, Peterborough, UK

"When Your Call is Blocked" March 19, East York, Canada APRIL

"Living Effectively" April 2, Augsburg/Germany

"What is the Kingdom of God?" April 9, Salzburg, Austria

click here for more information and to register for Canada events

click here to register for Austria and Germany events

Covenants within Contracts


Last week God showed us a new key to getting free from the enemy's devouring. This is one of the most significant revelations I have had on freedom in a long time. Please pass this blog on to as many people as you can since the message is core to so many people's lives.

Arthur Burk

Here is a simple picture of a complex problem.

When I married Ann, I committed to a bunch of stuff. I married her freely, chose the things I was committing to, etc. There was no force, fraud, pressure or requirements. I did it willingly.

However, after I married her, I found out that she had a large student loan that was now my responsibility to pay off.

When I married her, I inadvertently married her commitments made prior to our marriage.

Now take it a little different direction.

I know several people whose life came unraveled on their honeymoon. As much as they hated to face the facts, that spectacular jewel they married was loaded with critters and curses, and when they married that person, they also married all the critters and curses – unknowingly.

One more.

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Legitimacy (soon to be released)

A ruthless expose of the devil's scams ~

The craving for legitimacy is one of the most visceral drives in each human being. From the time a child brings their first bit of messy homework to the family's debate about the epitaph on his tombstone, legitimacy is at stake.

Tragically, we pursue legitimacy form other people while it comes from God alone.

This album is designed to give you tools to escape the trap of cultural legitimacy and to find the treasure that God has for you.

Attention Midwives and Moms

We are having a seminar for midwives in Switzerland in March.

Agatha is the coordinator and she is looking for prayer partners. The objective is to get overall prayer coverage for the event, but more specifically to have an intercessor adopt each of the midwives who are coming.

Agatha's email address is

If you would like to invest in this project, drop her a line, share a bit of your passion for life beginning well, and she will start sending you regular updates.

I love the fact that our team is large enough that we can partner out of passion these days. Back in the early days, our eight or so people would pray for whatever came down the pike because we needed to. Now, with so many thousands of people in our tribe, it is relatively easy to find people who have a deep passion for most of the projects we tangle with.


Among the Gum Trees

Please give a warm welcome to Fiona, a special visitor to sit and chat with us 'among the gum trees'.

Hey Fiona, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi I'm Fiona. I'm a single mum of three young adult children 25, 23 and 20. Three words to describe me : I'm loyal, caring and honest. I'm passionate about my faith, my family and love to travel.

I became a Christian at 25 and since then God has never let go of me. I don't know how people survive life without a faith in God. He has carried me through many trials and healed and taught me so much along the way. When I have been weak, He has been my strength.I have been blessed with a career in the Allied Health professional and have been able to run a small business for 30 years which has provided for myself and my family. I have a heart for the broken, as I have been one and have received God's healing, and seek to help others on the journey.

I hope to spend more time in the future volunteering in Indonesia in an orphanage. All in God's time.

How did you initially connect with slg? How long have you been tracking with us?

I originally connected with SLG about 8 years ago when I attended a prophetic activation school. One of the leaders introduced me to Arthur Burk's teaching and it really landed for me. Arthur has a way of putting language to things that were already in my spirit and I was able to grow with it.

Do you know your redemptive gift? If so, what is it and can you give us a glimpse of how that can play out on any given day?

I believe I have RG of giver. It took sometime to come to that conclusion. Friends were the ones who recognised it and pointed it out and I finally realised and acknowledged it. For many years I struggled to work out my RG and decided to just "be" who God created me to be and do what He placed in my path without having a label on it. Now I accept my design as being independent and have learnt through trials to depend on Him for my support and strength. I have been blessed with resources which God enables me to be generous towards others, be it time or material resources.

I'm able to be flexible and fit where needed. I am very relational and although I love and need time alone with God, my main focus in life is people, especially encouraging captives to get free. God has given me a love for people which hopefully reflects His love for us.

What teaching has made the most impact in your life and how?

I've loved the teaching on nurturing your spirit and the book "Blessing Your Spirit". I believe my spirit has been developed and grown through these teachings. I've loved learning about instructing the spirit, and for it to have dominion over our body and soul. I believe that is how God intended it but our modern, western world has lost it.

I love to 'discover a bigger view of God.' Can you share a God-sighting, story, or poem to help us all do that?

I love to spend time in nature, especially at the the beach and also the mountains. I feel it is God's large playground which He created for our pleasure and use. It gives me a sense of God's awesomeness, that He is able to create all this and how incredible it is. I find the ocean refreshing and my spirit is replenished in that place. I find it easier to hear God's voice and seek His direction when I'm in His creation. I love to go snorkelling because it's just one example of God's creativeness that He is able to design and make such diversity of fish just for our pleasure!

read more of Fiona's interview by clicking here

Don't forget to pray for Fiona or leave a blessing for her.

Prophetic Art of James Nesbit

I have had so many dear friends who have been deeply touched by the ministry of Arthur Burk (including myself), I created this collection from his revelation of the Redemptive gifts.

Finding out who we are in the gifts Father has graced us with is truly life changing. Arthur's revelation correlates with the seven days of creation, so enjoy as we add the gift of light art art releases to the revelation.

The collection will unfold on our website this week in the New Releases Gallery.

Blessings James Nesbit

Gift One-Day One Day One:

Prophets see all issues in terms of black or white and as wars for justice. Prophets bring excellence to Body of Christ; they understand principles of full redemption and bring broken people to full restoration. A prophet is a man/woman of faith. They are mighty warriors, champions over poverty spirit, and visionaries for the Body of Christ. Prophets are perceivers. Prophets have highly focused opinions and will defend them passionately. The prophet has the anointing to understand principles in the Word and to help the Body use these unchangeable principles in their everyday lives. Prophets are also gifted to bring Kingdom justice into the earth. To prophets, an issue is either black or white, right or wrong: end of discussion! The gift of the Prophet is to perceive: to perceive is to discern, recognize, become aware of, distinguish, grasp, understand, comprehend, apprehend, discern, detect, observe, regard, view, consider, judge, adjudge.

click here to unfold all seven of the redemptive gifts

Ways To Connect

There are a variety of ways to contribute to this newsletter.

Do you have an encouraging story, something to celebrate? A comment or perhaps would like to get on the 'among the gum trees' interview list?

Just reply to this email.

We value your time and input.

A big thank you to all contributions for this newsletter. Honored to include you here.

Especially to you, Fiona, for taking the time to be counted!

If you liked this issue please feel free to share it with family and friends.

Until next time...

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