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sapphire-connect, Issue #015 discovering a bigger view of GOD
April 08, 2016

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

Celebrating the plethora of community we have here that is forever emerging and brings me great joy!

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• upcoming events

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Upcoming Events


"What is the Kingdom of God?" April 9, Salzburg, Austria

click here to register for Austria and Germany events

Garnet Business DNA

The next CD album in the Business series is "Garnet Business DNA". The Garnet social DNA represents the Ruler gift. It was designed to create life giving systems, but often defaults into enslavement of the masses. This does not have to be.

Garnet companies crave size. IBM and Amazon are two companies who are better known for the enormity of their footprint than the products they develop. Ultimately, they become the default source for the product in question just because they are everywhere.

God's treasure in a Garnet company is not size for the sake of size. Rather it is the ability to father. While the grace is there to create a fantastic setting for growing sons, the allure of size often blinds the Garnet leadership to the untapped potential of the people in their company.

Regardless of whether you run a Garnet company or are an employee or even retired, the principles of how to create a social structure that is life giving are quite valuable and applicable in a multitude of contexts.

click here to purchase from Sapphire Austria courtesy of Serina Fleck

Among the Gum Trees

Please give a warm welcome to Jane, a special visitor to sit and chat with us 'among the gum trees'.


Since I'm a slightly right brained Exhorter, it's hard to know where to start. Like Mary Poppins I could 'start at the very beginning...' but since I'm not Mary, I'm Jane, I'll start in the middle and work my way out.

I love the business world and have been an entrepreneur most of my working life. Originally from Cape Town, I spent most of my working life in the cities of Johannesburg & Pretoria, until God tricked me into moving to the small town of Tzaneen and later to Avondshoek Farm in the Politsi area of Limpopo Province. And so I began again in 2008, re-inventing myself, in sawmilling & then farming. For the third time. On the one hand I'm incredibly blessed waking up to the sound of fish eagles and many other birds. On the other hand, I thought, ‘how difficult can farming be?’ and then I found out. But I love my work and have always been passionate about the meaning of work and its role in cultural transformation. Work brings Life. Putting those three words together was a seminal moment. It took years. Literally. The dignity of having work stirs me greatly. In South Africa with its high formal unemployment of around 30% and living close to the poorest of poor. Eph 4:28 which talks about the progression of getting out of crime and then working with their hands springs to mind.

Not only having work, but of our work matching our design is of tremendous importance to me too. Discovering that design, and unpacking the treasures that God carefully placed in each of us, drives me daily to dig into how we tick. I hate the poverty sprit resulting in people thinking ‘someone’ (government, employer et al) should ‘save’ them into the world of consumerism. What a lie! While it may appear that resources are few (little to no education, almost no healthcare support, no job opportunities) I know my King has the answers as I partner with Him to unpack what’s in me too.

Into the mix and interwoven is my interest in economics and politics, and the need to have a 'right model' aka Principles as raw material resources. Andrew Rugasira incarnates this for me in his book called A Good African Story, about fixing coffee trade in Africa. Did I mention I'm a bibliophile? I’m passionate about books, the smell of the paper, and the excitement contained within them. Learning new stuff. I totally get putting 6,000 books into 44 gallon drums and lugging them through the Amazon jungle. Why wouldn’t you?

I love land and weather too. I've researched the history of my now not so new home and am loving the process of identifying its Redemptive Gifts and design. I’m looking at sound portals in particular, along with many other spiritual aspects of land, air and water and even fire, as of this morning.

I've not quite worked out how to combine all this into a treasure for my King, but I think I'm on my way to seeing how the puzzle pieces could begin to fit together.

I'm also a Wife, Mom to three married children, so that makes six children in total. I’m also Granny to two delightful boys aged 2 years and 4 months respectively. Easter this year meant that I spent valuable precious moments with them all together.


This happened in about 2006, when my daughter was a teenager, while living in Irene, Centurion, Gauteng. Someone suggested that seeing we didn’t understand each other at all, she may be gift of Mercy (she is) and gave me some notes from a Redemptive Gifts seminar. Since I've always been passionate about understanding how people are wired (God's design), I quickly dived into it, and was even more excited to see its Biblical basis. However, I wasn’t able to take it further than that. Later in 2009 I had a neck fusion, was in a brace, and not only did I have the time, but my voracious reading habit was curtailed, so I launched into listening to Arthur's Redemptive Gifts of Individuals and Cities and worked my way through most of the material from there. My auditory learning has improved greatly since then.


After a convoluted five-year journey with a couple of stopovers along the way, initially thinking I was a Mercy, and then a Teacher, I realised, (shock/horror) that I was a 'Dreadful Exhorter'. Dreadful for two reasons. Firstly, because it was the gift I most disliked, having been badly hurt through the enemy using Exhorter carnality. Secondly, because my discovery came about through a very, most typical, undeniable Exhorter mistake. Actually it was sin, not just an 'unintentional mistake' (Prophets may applaud here). God has a sense of humour. Be careful of what you pray for. So after I dusted myself off, stared reality in the eye, repented over and again, I started getting used to the clothes that were mine after all. Ouch! is all I can say. Now I'm getting used to being an Exhorter. Some people even like Exhorters. What a surprise!

Being an Exhorter plays out in stories like the one above. Long stories, every day, all the time. Normally prefixed by, 'do you have time, or shall I keep it short?'. My patient husband says 'could you come down to land now'. I wake up with lots of words and many days I even carry them over to the next day. I enjoy them all. I'm learning to herd them into sentences, hopefully of the more value added variety.

It plays out in my intense focus on people. No, really….but God Himself took me aside for those five rather long and difficult years to heal me and take me for His own. Now I try always to synchronise with Him first. Preferably third level. It’s a much better way. More freedom.

I do love connecting people. I think of who I can introduce each person to, who could add value, solve a problem, find a job, the list goes on. And I ask many, many questions in my effort to understand something fully.

I’m busy. With lots of stuff all the time. As I said I’m learning to be God focused and to channel my busy-ness into His plans. So it looks like variety and it looks like my giving Him my time daily. Now I can literally feel when I’m flowing in His time, or when I’ve gone off on my own mission.

Things MUST look right. Presentation is IMPORTANT. Whether it’s words on a page, colours together, or a Powerpoint presentation, an image, a document. Sloppy is not allowed. I try! I’m amused at myself too.

I don’t think of myself as a party looking for a place to happen though. That sounds superficial and frivolous which I’m not. I’m quite serious minded. Though I’m learning to be more spontaneous. I’m told I laugh a lot. A lot.

WHAT TEACHING HAS MADE THE MOST IMPACT IN YOUR LIFE AND HOW? First answer (more soul answer): Regarding Arthur’s work, everything! But at different times. The Lord leads me here and there.

After the Redemptive Gifts, I whizzed through the Principles, only to revisit them time and again as I struggled to understand Curses and Blessings, and Joy Unstoppable. Nurturing your Spirit lay on my shelf for a year until I finally had the courage to get started. I devoured all the material on South Africa. I’ve used Brain Deliverance to great effect. I'm learning discernment (slowly). My current favourites are the Business series and I'm looking forward to the next release after Emerald. I had the privilege of attending most of Arthur's teachings in South Africa last year. In Pursuit of Divine Design (I-PODD) in the wonderful community of Eersterus was a huge highlight (just like Cape Town, I felt right at home).

…spirit answer (soul, it’s ok to step aside): Working with my spirit has made the most impact by far. Starting with the...

PLEASE NOTE: Jane's interview is published in two parts. My website only allows a maximum of so many words and I could not bare to leave anything out!!

read more of Jane's interview by clicking here

Blessings For Your Spirit

One of my first experiences with Arthur Burk back in the day, came from face to face YouTube blessings for your spirit. I knew immediately from all kinds of inner reactions that these powerful blessings were reaching me in a deep place. I go back to them from time to time and I wanted to share one with you here. It is from the book of Psalms, chapter 5. I have written it out in its entirety from The Voice Bible.

Bend Your ear to me and listen to my words, O Eternal One; hear the deep cry of my heart. Listen to my call for help, my King, my True God;to You alone I pray.

In the morning, O Eternal One, listen for my voice; in the day’s first light, I will offer my prayer to You and watch expectantly for Your answer.

You’re not a God who smiles at sin;You cannot abide with evil. The proud wither in Your presence; You hate all who pervert and destroy what is good.

You destroy those with lying lips; the Eternal detests those who murder and deceive. Yet I, by Your loving grace, am welcomed into Your house; I will turn my face toward Your holy place and fall on my knees in reverence before You.

O Eternal One, lead me in the path of Your righteousness amidst those who wish me harm; make Your way clear to me. Their words cannot be trusted; they are destructive to their cores.

What comes out of their mouths is as foul as a rotting corpse; their words stink of flattery.

Find them guilty, O True God; let their own devices bring them ruin. Throw them out, and let them drown in the deluge of their sin, for in revolt they brazenly spit in Your face.

But let those who run to You for safety be glad they did; let them break out in joyful song.

May You keep them safe— their love for You resounding in their hearts.

You, O Eternal, are the One who lays all good things in the laps of the right-hearted. Your blessings surround them like a shield.

I am thankful for the book of Psalms as it presents a range of every human emotion expressed like we find here. David's unbridled joy, his seething anger, a spark of hope to deep seated jealousy and depression. His humanity is not hidden from us and is certainly not hidden from his God. to finish reading Blessings for your Spirit click here

Please follow this link to experience blessings for your spirit in full from the book of Psalms by Arthur Burk. You will be so enriched by them. Ask me how I know.

Trauma Prayer

Jim Banks is the co-founder of House of Healing Ministries. He shares a teaching on trauma and the effects of it and how to deal with it in your life. It is powerful and profound. In the last 15 minutes of this video, Jim prays a form of the trauma prayer (it's different on on each occasion) over the audience. If you've experienced trauma of any kind (big or small). This has the potential to change your life and set you free.

to listen to the trauma prayer click here

check out the directory for more information on the House of Healing
Feel free to leave a comment in the directory and let us know what you think.

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