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sapphire-connect, Issue #022 discovering a bigger view of GOD
November 26, 2016

sapphire-connect newsletter


Welcome to the sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

Thanksgiving is in the books. It always warms my heart to introduce our Aussie friends to celebrate in an atmosphere where gratitude, blessings and creativity abound. (all 23 of us read a piece from Blessing Your Spirit) and of course to pumpkin pie!

now, on to the newsletter

in this issue:

• upcoming events

• new products

• sapphire connection online study group

• from the directory

Upcoming Events


Follow Up Meeting on Prayer Strategy December 13, Innsbruck, Austria

MARCH 2017

Deliverance from Leviathan - March 11, Austria


Deliverance Practicum - April 29, Canada


Deliverance Practicum - August 5, 2017, Anaheim, CA

to learn more about this event and register, click here (Canada)

to learn more about this event and register, click here (USA)

to learn more about this event and register, click here (Austria)

Two Good Tools

Developing Prayer Strategy

Wars are won because of strategy more often than the size of the army. Prayers are also more effective when there is good strategy. This seminar will teach the fundamentals of strategy.    There are three components to effective prayer. First is the spiritual condition of the person praying.  Second, the agreement within the Body of Christ. And third, the strategy used in your prayers.    The first two themes have been widely discussed already.  The third theme has been explored, but there is room for more skill.   Each sector of the culture from the individual to a whole nation has different characteristics. Good strategy takes the unchangeable principles of God’s Word and applies them appropriately to the unique dynamics of the target.

This album is in English with German translation.

available through slg austria

Diagnostics Healing & Deliverance

Do you have a chronic problem in your inner world? Has personal ministry failed to resolve it?  This workshop will teach you better diagnostic skills so you can get to the root of the issue.   Most things have an obvious pain and a not-so-obvious root. When we have extensive ministry for the fruit, the problem either does not go, or returns soon.   This will be an interactive seminar where we work with volunteers from the audience to reason through the various clues, to arrive at the root issue.    Arthur will frame each situation around principles that are portable, so you can apply the same tools to your own life.   This album is in English with German translation.

soon to be on sale from slgaustralia

Sapphire Connection Study Group

The universal church is now in the process of a massive transition, as millions of people leave the institutional church. God's order to God's new order is always the hardest change to make. This change is not readily accepted by the 'keepers of the way.'

Welcome, to Life After Church study group.

As we know, the focus for the last 15 years has been on this vast exodus. Trying to answer our own painful questions of where we went wrong or have been wronged has been our reality but it is not the point. The point of this massive restructuring is to advance God's kingdom. Life After Church is about where God is going, so that we can run with Him.

Many of us have been following along with the livestreams, buying the product,but mostly by living the 'life after church' experience. This issue addressed by Arthur has brought much dignity to us as a whole, and I am so grateful for that.

This album is the collection of 15 years' observations and at every turn and on every corner I am arrested by a bucketful of hope. It is time to move past the grief to excitement.

This is our season.


The plan of this study group is to focus on one of Arthur's teaching albums, LAC. I will be posting an overview of the material, and a few prompts, to help us focus and for a start-up each week right here on this site.

continue reading here

LAC Study Group

Beach Therapy

There is nothing I can think of which better sums up my life since moving to Sydney, Australia than BEACH THERAPY.

My good friend, Sue, is a freelance writer loving and living in the northern beaches of Sydney for over 30 years. Travelling, writing, outdoor activities, gardens, and Pilates are just a few of her favourite things.

Take five as we plunge together into northern Sydney's glorious ocean pools.

11 Top Northside Ocean Pools

This glorious spring weather is rapidly moving into summer temperatures and a swim in the ocean is high on my agenda. However, having grown up in the country, I'm more land-lubber than water-baby. While I find the ocean inviting and invigorating, it can also be scary and intimidating; there are rough waves and rips that I don't know how to 'read', so I often end up tumbling around on the bottom and getting sand in my pants, not to mention big bitey things out there (Thankyou very much to the makers of "Jaws", my trips to the beach will never be the same again).

That's why I like a beach that also has an ocean pool. Granted, if the tides are high and the swell is big, they're not 'automatically' safe. Always check the beach signs and talk to the lifeguards if you're still unsure. But with a little research and planning, you can find the right ocean rock pool to fit your needs and experience that wonderful cleansing feeling that only a divine dip in the ocean can give you. I've partially categorised them for you to make your choice a little easier, and list them from north to south. They all have amenities blocks and a café/kiosk nearby.

For that French-Riviera-feel with views of beachside mansions at your back, then head to:-

Palm Beach - at the very end of the northern Peninsula on Ocean Road, the pool is accessed by both car and public bus (L90 and 190 from the city). It's christened 'kiddies korner' by the locals because it's one of the safest. Nestled into the base of a cliff face and protected from southerly busters, it's hard to beat.

Bonus Bits - Barrenjoey Lighthouse is nearby and makes for a wonderful walk and lookout. The gentle Pittwater is on the other side of the isthmus and is perfect for paddleboarding.

Whale Beach - it's a little way off the main road on Surf Road, so car transport would be best. The pool here is much smaller than the others, suitable for just a casual dip, so just float around and admire the engineering expertise of the homes perched on the surrounding steep hillsides.

Bonus Bits - some lovely shady spots under the towering pines that line the edge of the sand.

Collaroy Beach - positioned right on the main arterial Pittwater Road, it's handy access by both bus and car. The pool sits at the south end of the beach and there's a coffee shop within cooee. The main strip of shops across the road is lined with eateries, including Italian, Thai and the local Beach Club Restaurant.

Bonus Bits - a large and shaded children's playground is located on site and the main ocean pool also has a children's section. There's also a local cinema.

continue reading at
weekend notes

Please take a moment and bless Sue's design. She has given up the business world to unpack more of her treasure and this is a part of it.

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A big thank you to all contributions for this newsletter. Honored to include you here.

Especially to you, Sue, for taking the time to be counted!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in some ways to this newsletter, especially to those who read it!

I am also blown away by generous donations toward the upkeep of sapphire connection.

I am grateful..

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