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sapphire-connect, Issue #029 discovering a bigger view of GOD
July 30, 2017

sapphire-connect newsletter


WELCOME to July's sapphire-connect newsletter to help you discover a bigger view of GOD.

We are delighted to be starting another study group. The whole idea of my website is to be interactive. A place to encourage and be encouraged to challenge and be challenged. To take from what we have learned, through our successes and our failures and in our own key of music to 'let it rip' as they say. That's about right. A place where we can 'let it rip!'

now, on to the newsletter

in this issue:

• upcoming events

• free audio downloads

• among the gum trees

• online study group

Upcoming Events


Deliverance Practicum - Anaheim, CA August 5, 2017 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Anaheim, CA


Perspective and Principles - Canada September 9, 2017 | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Burlington, Ontario, CANADA


Personal Deliverance Workshop - Austria October 21, 2017 | 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM | Harry’s Home Linz | Donaufeldstraße 3 | 4040 Linz, Austria

1st and 5th Heads of Leviathan - Austria October 21, 2017 | 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM | Vienna, Austria

Living Strategically - Austria October 28, 2017 | 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM | Innsbruck, Austria

to register or for more information on upcoming events

Free Audio Downloads from Austria

There are three English/German album treasures now free in the audio section at Sapphire Austria.

A Glass Ceiling, which includes teaching on

CD 1: Principles of Freedom

CD 2: Spirit of Jealousy

CD 3: The Victim Spirit

CD 4: The Mesmerizing Spirit

Growing in Authority, which includes teaching on

CD 1: Power and Authority

CD 2: Leaders

CD 3: Three Aspects of Power

CD 4: Power and God

Personal Victory, which includes teaching on

CD 1: Curses on Time

CD 2: Trauma Bonds to Time

CD 3: Personhood

CD 4: Office

CD 5: Cleansing Offices

Don't miss out. Do share it with a friend and DO pray for our ongoing research. Push back the darkness and ask God to reveal the hidden treasures of His Word to our team in Anaheim.

free audio downloads, austria

Among the Gum Trees

Please give a warm welcome to Sheila, a special visitor to sit and chat with us 'among the gum trees'.

Okay, let's get started. It is difficult to narrow it all down and get my thoughts in order – there's so much.

Married, mother of 6 children, 5 living, grandmother of 16, and soon to be a great-grandmother. My parents were missionaries, pastors, church planter, starters of 2 Bible Institutes.   First-born into a Christian family, quick to learn and believe all the "right" doctrines about God. Saved when 5 years old, but no real "knowing" God until in mid-thirties.  My relationship with God was all fear based and about right and wrong...until it was obvious that my insides did not match my outside beliefs. I asked God to be able to choose His way because I wanted to do so, and not because I "had" to. Thus began transformation..."knowing" Him. 

I had to "let loose" of all my knowledge about Him, which was all based on what I had been taught. Even reading the Bible, I could only "hear" what I had been taught – not what God was speaking to me. But the result of that was that the revelation would come of a certain scripture, and I could say, "Oh, that's what that verse means". I am thankful for the foundational learning of scripture.   During the transition time, I told God it was just too emotionally painful to change – if He couldn't help me I would just leave my family and disappear. He asked me if I knew anyone who was going through what I was, and I said no. Then He asked me, "Who will show the way to those you love and your children if you don't find the way through this with Me?" And I knew, I could not go through the pain for myself, but for my kids, and those I loved, I would do it. (Interesting side-note on this – just recently I was remembering, and God said, "that is what I did for you!"  Wow! That was just such a revelation of His heart towards me.)   Another side-note (perhaps a "God sighting"?): my daughter recently went through similar life-changing circumstances, and because I had walked through the pain and torment and found God in and through it, I was blessed to be able to allow her to find God for herself in it, sharing and believing with her. I have said, if that was the only good thing that ever happened in my life, it was enough – to see her blossom into God's intent and destiny for her. I know that is not the only thing – but it would be enough. Surely that is how God feels about me – and that just blows me away.  He came to her one day and told her that if she was the only one, He would have died for just her. I think I am only recently getting the revelation of that! We believe the truth, but when the revelation of it comes to our heart, it just "ruins" us with the awesomeness of it. So much I have believed for based on His word to my heart, and now it is appearing - showing up - and I am overwhelmed.   click here to read more

among the gum trees with sheila

don't forget to pray for Sheila or leave a blessing.

Online Study Group

If you are new to our online study groups, I would like to welcome you. This time around, our study will be focusing on an incredibly powerful book called, Unleashing the Power of Your Story.

Many of you already know Megan, the author of this timely piece, and it is with great pleasure to be reading this with other people who are at all different places on their journey. The thing is none of us have arrived and we can all, and I mean all, encourage, support and lift one another up as we go along.

If you are interested, please drop by. We would love to travel with you as we read this book together.

Here are some thoughts from chapter 1.

This book is about Megan’s journey and the tools she discovered in a pursuit for answers. If you are here, chances are you can find yourself somewhere in these pages.

As you read this first chapter, Disconnected, be aware of the thoughts and emotions that bubble up and how you relate to what is being described.

There are many ways of saying the same thing. Megan felt: * Outside of life looking in * Disconnected to my life, like I left behind some part of myself * Almost thinking of that part of me as someone else

This is some of the opening language in this first chapter. Personally, I always felt like something was wrong but never could quite say what. Megan’s ability to language what she was experiencing is what struck me right away. That never came easy for me but I am learning. I kept nodding, throughout the pages thinking, ‘Yes, I felt that way too.’

Putting language to something is POWERFUL.

continue reading..

unleashing the power of your story

Ways to Connect

There are a variety of ways to contribute to this newsletter.

Do you have an encouraging story, something to celebrate? A comment or perhaps would like to get on the 'Among the Gum Trees' interview list?

Just reply to this email.

We value your time and input.

A big thank you to all contributions for this newsletter. Honored to include you here. Especially to you, Sheila, for taking the time to be counted!

I am also grateful for the donations toward the upkeep of sapphire connection.

If you liked this issue please feel free to share it with family and friends.

until next time...

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