A Breakthrough!

by Ruth Allison

I have had a breakthrough! Thanks, God! I was listening to a Graham Cooke CD, one which was sent as a bonus and he said that God speaks to our hearts, not our heads. This struck me.

That night, I had a revelation - I have been functioning out of my head all my life, and not my heart. Until 25 or so years ago, I didn't know I had a spirit/heart! I accepted this teaching, but it couldn't impact my life because of the mindset I had.

As background, my parents, knowing that the Church was not doing what it should be doing, had joined a group called Moral Re-armament, which taught that each week, one should examine one's life to see if one had lived by the 4 Absolutes - honesty, love, purity and unselfishness. Very legalistic and religious.

Being the eldest child, I received more of this teaching than did my sisters. I've had prayer to cut myself off from this, but didn't realise I still had this mindset. I knew there was a lie somewhere, but didn't know what it was.

This is why I had such difficulty hearing from God. It was all from my head. I'm sure that God did talk to me, and guide me, but I always HOPED it was Him. So now I'm asking God to activate my heart. I CAN hear from God.

So thank You, God, I praise and bless your Name.

God bless,

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Jul 18, 2015
for Ruth
by: lois

Thank you for sharing your big win here. They say most of our life is about unlearning more than learning. I can see the importance of that playing out in yours.

I bless you to continue to allow the Holy Spirit of God to partner with your spirit to grow you up into all truth. May you experience the newness of life thru this grid and may God continue to teach you and guide you and release you to be all he has envisioned you to be.

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