accessing intimacy with God

If you find it difficult to connect with God intimately, Accessing Intimacy with God will give you both growth strategies and spiritual warfare tools to enrich your journey.

There are very specific disciplines you can embrace that will massively improve your capacity to engage with God both cognitively and emotionally.

First, you need to develop your brain. If you are intimacy-deficient across your whole life, you have some serious work to do to make that portion of your brain come alive and engage, but it is possible. If you are quite able to enjoy intimacy on the soul and body level, then it is a small step for you to transition that to the spirit level – but it will still take some fierce intentionality since the transference is not automatic.

Second, you need to learn the specific on-ramps that your SPIRIT needs to find intimacy. They are different for each person and using someone else’s on-ramp to intimacy won’t do you much good. You were designed to meet God a particular way, and you need to learn what THAT way is for you.

Third, there are a lot of demonic strategies designed to keep you from connecting with God. This album contains teachings and warfare prayers about some deep healing strategies that are not available in any other teaching that we know of.

These come from a blend of revelation from the Word of God and experience in deliverance and inner healing.

Accessing Intimacy with God was recorded with a live audience. Each concept was taught then immediately modeled with those who were present.

This is a 6 CD set.

                  excerpt from accessing intimacy with God

CD 1.02

Unfortunately, part of our problem with our lack of intimacy is religion. You see religion likes measurements. You can measure the number of people in the pew. You can measure the dollars in the offering. If you are Mormon u can measure the two years you did missionary work overseas. There's alot of measurables that religion appreciates. You can't measure intimacy. You can mandate alot of things in religion. You can establish rules for external behavior but you can't mandate intimacy. Furthermore, intimacy can't be tested for authenticity. We can fake alot of things and we do. Most religion is one big con game. Trying to con God and the leader up front in believing that we're better than we really are and you can con alot of people thinking you have an intimate relationship with God when you don’t. And that environment, putting the focus of the church on the measurable, the thing we can touch and point to and validate, and the difficulty of separating the genuine from the false intimacy has led to..guess what? alot of false intimacy.

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