After Dinner Mints

by lois

May you gaze with wonder at the simple yet profound love that surrounds you.

May your focus be the very window you choose to look through to glimpse the face of God.

May it leave upon your spirit an imprint of beauty like an indelible mark to remind you of his love bond that he so freely designed you to have.

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mia's casa

by lois

It’s SPRING in Sydney. After waiting for the proper season and soil preparation she plants flowers- tulips along the pathway of cobbled stones. I watch her dig. How she loves the dirt and tends to every part of the process in a sacred way. I see it etched in the lines of her face, this hidden joy and excitement for what is yet to come. She doesn’t have to say a thing. Her movements, they say it all.

And I watch with anticipation as they slowly poke their heads up from under all that good earth. They have had enough of being buried. It is their time to rise.

And they grow colourfully tall, not all at once and not all uniform. Each with their own expression. I find myself greeting them one by one every day as I walk by.

Well aware that they won’t always be here adorning my walkway in this manner, but I am more than happy to witness them all being here now.

I will remember loving what once was but can’t always be.

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sharing joy

there are so many ways to share joy.

go thru the gate.

make your presence known.

the witness you leave can be the catalyst to help transform your neighbour.

i bless you with the joy that comes from sharing.

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you are here

may we zoom out of our small frame and see the magnitude and immensity of God, with his gazillion different flavors of generosity and kindness to all mankind in which we are included.

you are here.

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he comes

he comes in the way of the morning light.

creeps up onto the deck and into my room in the way of shadows.

he likes to dance on the wall to the beat of the outside wind.

there’s no stopping him.

and so he comes.

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