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Oct 08, 2017
Thank you Linda
by: Jane

Thank you Linda for sharing your journey with us. What a wonderful testimony of God’s Goodness regarding your husband and daughter!
I decided to bless you as follows... with abundance from God in every flavour as you discover her special design and encourage her in every facet, your special jewel blessing from on High!!
Thank you again!

Oct 09, 2017
by: Linda

thank you Jane

Oct 09, 2017
a kindred spirit
by: lois

i so appreciate you, Linda! giving us a window into your journey lifted my spirit. i can sense the loss of your mom and how much she must be missed. but God has been all over the pages of your life and i love how he has blessed you over and over again.

one thing that I can identify with is being RG of prophet also having moved from a prophet nation. (i believe NZ is a prophet nation as well?) living now in a mercy country. i too questioned whether i was meant to be here. (you are kidding, right Lord??) appearing arrogant, way too intense..i have had many relational battles and endings of friendships because of well, just being me. i too have had to let God work on the rough edges. yup, hard being prophet.

may your eyes be continually open to the resources before you. never a lack always abundance. even in the small moments of your day may the blessing of presence be filling your daughter with joy unspeakable. as you listen to your spirit, may you creatively mother in a key of music that would draw the family together as a whole. changing the atmosphere day to day. sing a new song for the Lord has been good to you.

Oct 10, 2017
Psalm 18
by: Elouise

Hi Linda,
Your story makes me think of Psalm 18. All the strength, power, tenderness and clarity and safety that God is in this Psalm, resides in your spirit.
It really blows my mind how Majestic God is and how Close He is at the same time.
Blessings on your journey, friend. Much, much joy on your being a beautiful mom, absolutely cut-out and adequate for the task at hand, with big eyes to see and big ears to hear our Father's voice of guidance in the journey. Enjoy, enJOY, friend!

Oct 10, 2017
by: Linda

Interesting Eloise that you mention JOY! My mum was called Joy, my real name is Linda-Joy and my daughter's middle name is Joy - so much joy!!

Oct 10, 2017
by: Elouise

I agree, that is indeed a lot of JOY! So cool!
Holy Spirit really amazes me. He knows us, I love that!

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