by Betty
(Moorestown NJ)

As a mercy I love that during the Mercy Season people will smell the fragrance of Christ! However this also is quite a challenge. Since we are made in God's image, how well do we "image" Him to other people?

Do we smell like He smells? When they know us, what do they then think about Him? Are they drawn closer to Him, do they want to know more about Him? Or are they turned off and move away from Him because of the image that we present?

I don't know that I have at times presented Him very well. I have been pondering this lately and the immensity of this imaging/smelling has gone deep into my being. I wrestle at times with what this should look like. I realize that I do not have the capacity to image Him adequately.

All I can do is to press deeper into Him, and let Him transform me. It's in His presence that we are changed. I long for Him to shape me. I long to remain in His presence to absorb more of Him. I want to be His fragrance.

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Nov 14, 2016
by: lois

I love what you wrote, Betty.

I think the more we walk in our redemptive gift, and explore what flavor or what key of music is uniquely 'me', our intimacy moments with God, unpacking design..the more of our fragrance we will exude to those around us.

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