Building my community circle

by Sharon

This has impacted me so much, just listening to this cd again.

After the first time listening to this cd, i realise that my 13 year old daughter has started to do this with with a group of teens around her own age." I shine." They are christians have tv shows and sing.

For me one of the biggest things I realise about myself is that i can get stuck in the proverty spirit of being down.

And now i realise, that it is not just about connecting with God but also to those in my community circle. I think without even realising it I was hard on myself for not being more ontop of things with God.

So I am going to get forcused on building my community circle and seeing who is already in it. And appreciating them while drawing on them.

This is a deep breathing, refreshing new way of looking at life.

I no longer have to worry about do I fit in or not any more. This being another thing i believed i did without realising it because I am building my community circle and not expecting to fit in.

This is a ahhhhhhhhhhh moment.

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Dec 16, 2016
by: Sharon

Earlier this week, I went to speak to a daughter's head master as she did not have a very good year there.

Meeting went very well, and I left feeling much better than I came.

And I got to thinking, I can put him down on my beauty community section of my circle. This being because he was able to help me see the beauty in the whole situation. Or, or and his spirit uplifting mine as we talked. Yes he is a christian.

And the way I would tap into the beauty of him would be to read the principal report of the newsletters, which i will find on the school website.

Dec 13, 2016
community circle wins again!
by: lois

fitting in can be such a worry! formulating our own conclusions by the things that happen, 'jumping to conclusions' (I was so good at that one. thank you for your ahhh moment (and love your daughters group!) this community circle gives us a whole way of looking at things!

: )

Dec 13, 2016
by: Sharon

Thanks for the encouragement.

Gone are the days of trying to be understood.:)

Dec 13, 2016
Let God be your building block
by: potpourrilife@warriewood

That's right Sharon. You're normal just the way you are. Honour Father by just being. You don't have to 'try' to do anything or be like anyone else in particular. You don't have to 'try' to get along with people. When you find your tribe, they'll 'get' you, more likely, they'll be a lot like you, so just be you. Wherever you are, whoever you're with, just be.

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