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The Sapphire Leadership Group have a wide resource of Christian audio books, cds and books available to support you through your own personal growth and development. 

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  • nurture for the spirit
  • personal growth
  • redemptive gifts 
  • spiritual warfare
  • beyond the horizon

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christian audio books , cds and books

                            NURTURE FOR THE SPIRIT

Nurture for the spirit was intended to begin in the womb; to give our spirit a head start over the soul and body. For most of us that was not the case. The good news is that you can make up for those deficits in your life and in the lives of others by using these powerful tools. You will find in this series a foundational grounding of what the word teaches us about our human spirit. 

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blessing your spirit

Blessing Your Spirit is a series of blessings designed to leverage the growth of your spirit. Truth is the nutrient that most powerfully transforms your spirit. Your spirit needs to know the truth about you and about God. Many people have been deeply impacted by the blessings in this book.

The book is also available in German, Spanish, and Afrikaans.

baby blessings: joy

Baby Blessings Joy CDs are designed to build into the child in the womb a huge center for joy. Thousands of adults have experienced their own joy base expanding significantly when they listen to these blessings repeatedly as well. 

blessing your spirit: peace

These blessings of peace prepare a child's spirit to interface with the world around them. It is marvellous to watch God enlarge a baby's spirit and heal his/her soul through such simple means.

                      nurturing your spirit basic seminar

The human spirit was designed by God to play a central role in your life. Learn the vital skill of legitimizing and nurturing your spirit through this step by step process. This tool will give you a solid beginning point in ministering to the human spirit. (also available in DVD)

ministering to babies in the womb

Thousands of children in the world today are demonstrably different because their parents used these tools to nurture their spirits while they were still in the womb. There are many adults who used these tools to remedy the deficits of their own childhood as well. The tools work! The proof is abundant.

nurture in the womb

This albums builds on Ministering to Babies in the Womb and adds more insight about working with the spirit of a child. Central to the newer paradigm is the concept of redeeming the family line. There are treasures here for everyone who cares about their family and the generations to come.

blessings of job

It is high time we reframed the story of Job. It is not all about suffering or patience or the devil or the restoration of wealth. It is about God's deep desire to reveal himself to us in a transformational way. Come explore God's passion to be seen, known, understood and embraced for who he really is. This series is that study. Nothing less than a worship experience.

                                      PERSONAL GROWTH

Although there may not be any silver bullet for growth, there are tools. This series is loaded with your 'out of the box' teachings and hands on approach to owning your own growth.

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Legitimacy comes from God, ultimately. The feeling of legitimacy comes from our being able to genuinely engage with God and see yourself from His perspective. Lacking that, the world offers myriad forms of false legitimacy, each of which diminishes you. This album is first of all a ruthless exposé of the devil’s scams. Then it carefully builds a strategy to get from where you are to where you need to be.

from shame to dignity

Dignity is the primary tool for healing shame in the spirit and soul. This album will give you tools for dealing with old, well entrenched infections. This album shows you a number of methods for using dignity as a pathway out of the swamp of shame. It is designed for home use, although a therapist could easily use it in the office as well.

developing discernment

Discernment is what we call the ability of our spirit to sense things that are beyond our soul’s capacity to know. God has designed us to know the world primarily through our spirit, but the enlightenment taught us to disregard our spirit and trust our soul. This album is designed to help you determine which kind of discernment God gave you, as well as to identify the dynamics in your current lifestyle that will help you unpack the treasure you have.

                              accessing intimacy with God

If you find it difficult to connect with God intimately, this album will give you both growth strategies and spiritual warfare tools to enrich your journey. This teaching was recorded with a live audience.  Each concept was taught then immediately modeled with those who were present. 

                       fractal of two: adrenals and kidneys

The adrenals and kidneys are spiritually dynamic parts of your physical body.  Their spiritual vitality will determine not only their physical well being but that of other body systems as well. This album explores the fractal of two through the grid of the adrenals and kidneys, then presents a significant series of blessings for them.

Our sense of belongingness, worth and competence forms the core of our being. This CD set will open your eyes as it introduces you to the trinity in a whole different light. Come and explore intimacy in an individual relationship, corporate gathering and with God.

blessing your soul

Blessing Your Soul is a companion volume to Blessing your Spirit, although it is written in a very different style. Did you know that your soul is capable of great good? Due to events in our lives many of us have a soul in need of nurturing, calming or healing. This book is a first step to reframing the relationship between soul and spirit.


The tools in this set are not an easy magic wand. They will require work – lots of it. Our proverbial 100,000 steps apply to this strategy. But the point is, the steps are doable. You can begin to take control of the way your brain functions by seizing the opportunities in an ordinary day to walk out brain transforming exercises.

                                   REDEMPTIVE GIFTS

Come explore another amazing way of developing the potential that God has placed in each one of us. Thru this series on the Redemptive Gifts at work through people, you can better understand yourself, others and see the world through God’s eyes in a different way. 

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the redemptive gifts of individuals

God has designed each one of us for something great. Arthur explores that something thru this ground breaking teaching on the redemptive gifts. Highlighting seven profiles identifying your core design, this CD series will help you sort out what is your original core design and what can and should be changed.

Charles R Wale Jr has put together an amazing in-depth manual of Arthur's teachings on the redemptive gifts called Designed for Fulfilment.

                  your health and the redemptive gifts  

Fractals hold the key to health and healing through the human spirit. Your spirit is designed to be able to heal your body. This teaching on fractals will help you coach your spirit to use the redemptive gifts in healing.  

The true beauty of the redemptive gifts is only seen in the context of their interaction. And no one can weave them together like the King! Your spirit will be enlarged, your view of the King forever altered and your worship of His Majesty will have a new key of music after marinating your spirit in this portrait.

the mercy season

We entered the mercy season early in 2004. Each season was designed for God to make a public spectacle of the enemy in some specific area of culture. Now in the Mercy season, His objective is to redeem the entire culture, not just bring people out of the culture. This teaching will cause you to rejoice over God's plan of the ages as it has been manifest through the different seasons.

alive with passion and purpose

The best way to learn the redemptive gifts is through seeing them in action. This book profiles 21 people who lived out their redemptive gift dramatically. As you read their stories, you will recognize many of your friends through the way these people responded to the circumstances around them.

                                  SPIRITUAL WARFARE

Why wouldn’t God be ever increasing our tool kits with strategies to wage war against his ancient enemy? He above all does not want us to remain powerless. Here in Arthur’s teachings on spiritual warfare is a collection of insights to better equip you for that journey.

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trauma bonds to time

If you have been dealing with a painful event that you cannot get healing for, than this very well may be the cd you have been waiting for. Find out what causes a trauma bond to time and the steps toward healing it.

the seven curses and blessings

Each of us was born with a gold mine and a toxic waste dump. The gold mine is our generational blessings. The seven curses keep us from possessing our birthright. There are seven foundational legitimacy lies that allow the enemy access to our lives and our family line. When we believe these lies and act accordingly, it allows these seven curses to manifest. The last CD is a set of renunciations that are designed to break the curses off of your life but you must be intentional about preventing their re-empowerment in your life.

                           tools for cleansing time and land

Have you been through extensive deliverance and inner healing, but you sense that something is still wrong? Do you know that you might still be tied to land you lived on a long time ago? There is a particular kind of defilement that not only corrupts time and land but ties you to the defilement on the land.

This message explores the dynamics of that kind of defilement as well as giving step by step tools for releasing yourself and others from such control.

fighting futility

This is the first of our series of products to fight suicide.  It is focused on the principle of fulfillment vs. futility.  There are warfare prayers and blessings. But this is not only for those struggling with suicide. A vast number of people bump up against futility on a daily basis. These prayers and blessings will benefit anyone who is stuck in the place of futility.

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