cleansing names

"Father we come to you today for all individual who wants to enter this class action lawsuit for themselves, their spouses, their children or grandchildren. We ask you to open the books and examine the spiritual construct of the names that they have. Father, there are names that were given with great visions, there are names that were given half-heartedly, there were names given after their relatives, or after some public figure.

But regardless of the nature of the naming, regardless of the purpose and the ideas behind the name, we ask that you would supersede all of those meanings. We ask that you would apply the blood of Jesus to all the agreements about what those names mean.

Father, it doesn't matter if 10 million or 100 million baby books say this name means this or that. We defy those agreements, and ask you to destroy the power of cultural agreements about the cultural meanings of names. We ask you to annul every covenant that forefathers might have made that would dedicate some child to darkness based on their name and we ask that You now imprint Your meaning on each of these names. What You want the name to mean, let that be imprinted in a way that is unchangeable.

Establish Your meaning for those names. That that name, in the spiritual realm would now mean what You want it to mean, not what the ancestor wanted it to mean or parents wanted it to mean nor what anyone else thinks it means, but that it would mean what You wanted it to mean.

Father, in Psalm 68 there is a marvellous  passage that says "You made announcement from Your throne and great was the company of the proclaimed it".

We invite You to unleash huge agreement in the angelic realm. Would You assign a large number of angels to come into agreement with You, that this name as of today means what You say it means and that no other structure, no other meaning, no attachments can be connected to that name.

Now Father, would Your Spirit bear witness to the spirits of each individual involved, to adults, to the child here or not here and may they know that it's a new day. May they know that the bondage created by their old name has been removed and that the ownership by darkness has been negated and canceled, and that from this day forward, You are the one who defines the meaning of their name.

Let Your Spirit bear witness to their spirit. In the same way, You changed Simon's name to Peter and Abram's name to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, and Jacob to Israel. In the same way, You reserve the right to repurpose any name to where it means what You want it to mean. Imprint that and give them the joy and freedom as their spirit comes into alignment with the meaning of the name that You gave them.

I ask this in Jesus Name.”

Cleansing Names has been taken from the album, Developing Discernment by Arthur Burk.

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