closed for business 

On  July 10th, 2019, SLG Australia closed for business. This marked the end of my season as the distributor for Sapphire Leadership Group. The reason for this departure is that by January 2020 SLG will be moving toward downloads only. 

If you are living in Australia and interested in purchasing albums or books from our remaining stock, please message me for that master list. 

 a new season 

SLG Australia has been on board since May 2013. It has been an amazing learning curve with so many patient people as I had limited business background but quickly learned the ropes one step at a time. All in all, I have enjoyed every minute of it; ok perhaps not every minute, especially when technology was anything like a friend.

Most of my time was well spent connecting with some wonderful, generous people from around the world. The takeaway value has been immense. I will treasure the memories and faces of many of you as we weathered many storms together.

I have recently decided to broaden the sapphire connection name, that is not connecting us exclusively to SLG, as I am slowly making a transition into a new but necessary season. If you feel led, you can breathe new life and bless this new season as God leads us according to his bigger purposes and plans.

My heart is still to collect our precious stories, craft blessings and provide study groups but in another key of music. If you just arrived here, we are in the process of having our hair done, the website is emerging and may at times look messy but bear with me. I am enjoying the process.

In the meantime, we carry on with a heartfelt thank you and blessings to you all from the ocean girl down under. 

 please check back for a reopening of our store 

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You will be missed. I hope you stay in connection.

Moving with the times 
Hi Lois Bit sad at your news but must be time to move with the times! What will happen with books? I’m still finding people to bless with them so happy …

So glad to hear you aren’t leaving everything for good. Blessings from America, Brianne

Liz Sprowson Kuwait. 
You need to know that you are the only personal contact I have had with Sapphire Leadership grp so this is a sad day for me. Where will you be going? …

Had a feeling.... 
Things were heading this way. I'm still s fan of CDs too. I've enjoyed connecting with you and I hope we meet one day.

Mrs Denise Pickering 
Greetings from Qld. I’m unable to get into yr store to purchase CD.

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