Deuteronomy 32:6 This is not the way to repay the LORD, is it, you foolish and witless people? Is he not your father, who bought you, formed you, and established you?

We can see from this passage, the question God raises concerning the debt that is owed him. Is this  the way to repay the Lord who made, purchased and established you? There is a way of payment, there is a debt we owe. God's greatest frustration with Israel was not in their actions but in their attitude. It was their inability to see him as immense and majestic as he really is. It is not an obedient life God is looking for but rather a heart attitude of awe over the immensity of who God is and what he has done. Seeing the immensity of his enduring love.

We have a saying for repeat offenders. Three strikes and you are out. There is a harsher prison sentence. As we look at our accumulative family line and the fact that we even exist, means there are righteous people there that God has redeemed again and again. Like Israel,  we have fallen into depravity again and again. Yet he purchases repeatedly what he has already done multiple times before. What he is really asking is for us to lean into the concept of awe and to be amazed at his desire to redeem yet again, we chronic repeat offenders in the history of mankind.

prayer for debt

Father, we come to you in confession, acknowledging that in the thousand years of human history you have purchased back our family lines again and again. We acknowledge you walk in a flavor of love and mercy and passion for redemption that we cannot replicate. We cannot love as deeply as you do. Forgive us in this generation for the lack of awe over the immensity of your willingness to deal with our family line of repeat offenders.

We ask you to cleanse our adrenals and kidneys and spirit of that complacency, that entitlement spirit and build into us a full measure of the awe you so deserve. We lift up to you Philippians 2:13 as you give us the will and desire for awe but we are relatively incapable of producing a God worthy awe on our own. 

So we come after confession to petition you and ask you to imprint on the entirety of our being, particularly on our adrenals the capacity to experience awe at the level you deserve. We ask this in Jesus name. 

pondering debt

How easy it is for us to see God as less than in any given area on any given day. We probably don't verbalise it but our actions do that for us. Perhaps rereading this cleansing prayer daily for a time. Allowing you to see where you are and setting a course correction moving you towards awe.

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