In this track on Diagnostics, we will look at Job 23:10.

But he knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

It is the testings of God that reveals to us the surprises about ourselves. Think of times that you were exposed to something where you reacted unexpectedly. What is this revealing about you? What do such times elicit from you?

Arthur speaks of a time he reacted with weeping at beauty. He realised only then how dry he had become from looking at junk for too long. His intense reaction (and ours) reveals what God already knows. Pause and ask what am I reacting to? What is behind my reactions? Why today? Am I carrying too much pain that I cannot respond with compassion? Is my tank on empty?

Observe your life and be aware of your reactions to what happens. God is doing the testing intentionally on an ongoing basis in order to allow us to find out where we are deviating from covenant.

Perhaps if I had been savouring the treasures of God that he provides for me, perhaps I wouldn’t be in that emotional deficit. Did I get there not because life is harsh and people are mean and all of that or because some of the resources that my covenant keeping God offers me I did not pick up off the table?

prayer for diagnostics

Father, we ask you to teach us how to lean into an understanding of covenant, lean into a recognition of the broad resources you make available. Our lives become an insult to you as we walk in emptiness and dryness and reactivity when you are the God who’s provided for us in ways we are not accepting.

We ask for your mercy while we are on this learning journey. Please anoint our eyes with the ointment from Revelation 3:17 to be able to see the abundant treasures you desire for us to have. Treasures perfectly matched with the walk of each day. We ask for this gift because you are the covenant keeping God as we walk in covenant with you.

questions to explore

Having listened to this section on Diagnostics, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

All of us have times when we over react as mentioned above. The simple art of asking questions on an ongoing basis can tell us alot about ourselves and give us the resources needed to act accordingly. Can you begin the dialogue and track where God is going so you can waste none of the pain and actually glean a new way forward. What does that look like for you?

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