disconnected-chapter 1

This book is about Megan’s journey and the tools she discovered in a pursuit for answers. If you are here, chances are you can find yourself somewhere in these pages. As you read this first chapter, Disconnected, be aware of the thoughts and emotions that bubble up and how you relate to what is being described.

There are many ways of saying the same thing. Megan felt:

  • Outside of life looking in
  • Disconnected to my life, like I left behind some part of myself
  • Almost thinking of that part of me as someone else

This is some of the opening language in this first chapter.

Personally, I always felt like something was wrong but never could quite say what. Megan’s ability to language what she was experiencing is what struck me right away. That never came easy for me but I am learning. I kept nodding, throughout the pages thinking, ‘Yes, I felt that way too.’

Putting language to something is POWERFUL.

Because I was an avid photographer growing up, I have many photo albums that document where, when and who I was with. Of course I remember that party, or do I? I realized much later in life that most of my life was one big photo album but no motion picture. I couldn’t remember what came before or after. It was a still life, with no one moving.

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questions to explore

'There are some problems that burn. We know because they don’t go away.' How do you feel about this statement? Is it true for any part of your life?

Charles Dickens is quoted at the beginning of the chapter. How might this resonate with you? Do you have another quote along these lines that you can share with the group? 

There are different ways that disconnected are pin pointed in this chapter. Can you give us a word picture of feeling disconnected from your life? 

Having read this first chapter, Disconnected, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

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