In this track on Dominion, we read Psalm 60 and we see victory blanketed in defeat. The bottom line is that David had history. He knew what it was to have God intervene and he knew what it was like when he did not. We see in verse 3 that he withdrew for a season and experienced desperate times that made him stagger.

You have shown your people desperate times; you have given us wine that makes us stagger.

In times when we don't experience victory, it is important to look at covenant through the grid of the movie and not the snapshot. Our reality, like David, is that there will be times of enemy obliteration and other times not. We have many chapters in our own lives where we have tried, where we have played our heart out and done our best and all we can show for it is a draw, knowing the enemy will be back. And in those times, our adrenals will have to decide what they are going to look at, the one snapshot with a fear based world view or covenant times when God does amazing things. What we choose will mould our thought processes. 

prayer for dominion

I bless you adrenals and kidneys with savoring the covenant dynamic in your victories. I bless you with wisdom and understanding as you look at your own life and interpret it thought the grid of covenant. I bless you with wisdom and understanding as you look at the lives of others, those who rise and those who fall.

As you look at the stories in scripture may you see the covenant faithfulness of God because to the degree that you can see the processes of covenant and not just the product of freedom or judgement to that degree you will be able to frame life's problems through awe and solve life's problems through faith.

I bless you adrenals and kidneys with seeing covenant as foundational to every story. 

questions to ponder

Having listened to this section on Dominion, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Victory blanketed in defeat. Sound familiar? We all have history, like David. We have all experienced times in our lives of great victory where God showed up. Alas, there often has been times when the enemy has prevailed and left us railing. Ponder both times because both are reality. It is a skill we can develop to learn how to process defeat differently. Can you language that for past defeats so that you are up to date with God and his goodness over those rough patches of your life? What might that look like for you? 

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this would have been very difficult to interpret -But I now see the light on the covenant and the focus on the new and God's plan

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