Exodus 15:16 t..terror and dread fall upon them. The power of your arm makes them lifeless as stone until your people pass by, O LORD, until the people you purchased pass by. 

This is the celebration chapter after crossing the Red Sea. Ponder the drama. Everything God invested in to bring this about. The before, during and after effects. Alot of work and effort went into this. Alot of drama. The interesting thing is that it wasn't necessary. 

God was in covenant with Abraham but Israel sadly forgot their covenant identity. They forgot their legal rights Pharaoh gave them back in Goshen. The pressure of relentless racism caused their identity gradually to be robbed to the degree of passively agreeing to a mandate of slavery instead of remembering they were God's people who were commissioned to be separated from Egypt and to return to the land of Canaan. That is a mouthful, I know.

Because of Israel's bad choices, God had to buy them back. God worked hard to create a free man and a people from slavery. This is also a picture of us. God deems it is worth it to redeem us. There is a certain amount of drama in where you are today. This is not effortless on God's part. He wanted redemption. He wanted you restored into covenant relationship with God. Whatever it takes. Just like God purchased Israel back out of Egypt so he has purchased you back into freedom.


Spirit, I call you to attention. I call you to come to the front and I charge you to aggressively begin maturating in the love that brought you back. Spend some time looking at what it cost God, how many pieces did he have to put into place, what kind of desire he put in you, what external effort and investment did he make healing you, repairing you, rebuilding you in addition to the work of redeeming you?

Luxuriate in the amount of effort expended by God to bring you back into covenant because that effort is an expression of your value. We don't pay a high price for things of low value. We only pay a high price for things we treasure. No matter how many times your ancestors walked willingly back into slavery, God came after you again. Intently, passionately with strategy, effort and certainly a measure of drama because he wants you back in covenant.

Spirit, brood on that, savour that. Look at the details. Walk through it again and again. Walk through the complexity of what God did to bring you back into covenant and imprint the deep sense of value that leaves on your adrenals and kidneys because the covenant with God established your value.

I bless you spirit, with leading the adrenals into a transformation based on a keen understanding of how much God values them.

questions to explore

Having listened to this section on Drama, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

DRAMA. We mostly think of it in a negative way. Here it is the juicy part of our story. The enemy does not get the last say in all the drama he caused. God was there first and rescued us in a dramatic way. How can we celebrate that?

Maturate, Luxuriate, Brood on, Savour- do these words cause a depth in finding an intimate place in God's rescue of you? 

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