In Leviticus, chapter 27, God introduces the concept of the year of Jubilee. This is a picture of durability. God had assigned a particular piece of land to a tribe, a family in perpetuity.

 It means that no matter how badly a family line has messed up, after every fifty years they get another chance. There was no provisional dynamic in place asking about the quality of the family line, he still gets it. 

What a picture of how God views our family line. There is no loss big enough, no devouring that is final. God is the God of restoration. The first covenant established with Adam and Eve was one of redemption. There was never a question that in the end he will redeem all things.

Yes, there was judgment and consequences but in the bigger picture, God's passion for redemption is bigger than our capacity to mess up. You are incapable of being bad enough for long enough to block God from carrying out his redemptive agenda for the world.

prayer for durability

Spirit, I call you again to attention and I speak over you to come into an understanding of the fullness of the covenant. God’s covenant desire is to redeem and restore, redeem and restore. As he looks at you in this generation there is an excitement a joy and fervour in him over the opportunities you have through right framing, right problem solving in the adrenals and kidneys to redeem what past generations lost.

God has spent time planning, positioning situations so you can make right choices where your forefathers have made bad ones. God will give you second, third and fourth chances in areas where you messed up the first time around. 

I bless you with enlarging the adrenals sense of God’s commitment of restoration in every generation. 

I bless you with joy, vision and perspective so that each perspective that the adrenals have would fit the reality of the perspective that God has.

questions to explore

Having listened to this track on Durability, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

What an incredible commitment God has made to us in that no matter how bad we or our family of origin and/or ancestors messed up restoration is not only possible but the heart of God's agenda for us. Can you craft a response of gratitude to God for this. SAVOR*CELEBRATE*SAVOR SOME MORE

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