experiencing God together 

Let's get to know each other by experiencing God together!

G’day and welcome. I am the ocean girl from down under. That about sums me up in a nut SHELL!

I have been on a healing and growth journey for a gazillion years and a day and a big part of that healing has come from what I call beach therapy. It is a part of my self-care routine as I swim year-round. Nature has a powerful way to remedy many ills and I mention it here with a great emphasis hoping it will generate rich conversations.

  healing and growth..  

is a subject dear to my heart. (i am presently enrolled in an online school for inner healing)

I went through a gruelling year in 2018 but I'm pleased to report my emerging from that time has been dramatic. I hardly know myself and I am liking what I see. Still trying to put language to the process and I plan to unfold more through the pages of this website.

Had I heeded the earlier warning signs that blinked on and off for decades, perhaps this whole ordeal could have been averted. In two words, self-care. I am sad for the part of me that thought she had to fight so long and so hard, push through so much pain and win every battle. Consequently, adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia was the result. 

I am thankful for all that I learned through that season. It brought me to this present state of rediscovering who I am at the core which has been both challenging and exciting.

You see I was ‘a loyal soldier’, forever protecting, guarding and leading others to safety (especially in intercession) with little regard for me. Many things that serve us for a time need a discharge because that role is no longer needed and will end up doing more harm than good. 'The war has ended go in peace.' 

 experiencing God in another key of music 

Presently, I am not seeking to change anything as I am less focused on my problems and my pain. I am no longer looking under every rock for answers. Instead I am opening my heart to some mystery. Perhaps not everything needs addressing. Perhaps not everything needs an answer.

Instead I am growing more in my trust with God and my fellow-man, learning to rest, getting to know, love and listen to my body. I am delighting in a multitude of ways to increase joy.  Add to this mix a large dose of humour. Yes, laughter has been my choice of medicine. I am learning not to take myself too seriously or others for that matter.

Before I lived seeking answers, answers are now finding me. I am experiencing God in a different way.  I didn’t  know how much I longed for and he longed for me to know his mother's heart. I have become Abba’s girl. Many shattering experiences have shaped my life. I always marvel how God can bring beauty out of such an ash heap.

It has since become a passion of mine to discover a BIGGER view of God as I journey with others, swapping stories and witnessing God's faithfulness in our lives.

Glad you got to know me a bit more. Perhaps you would like to say hello. You can introduce yourself here. I’ll be looking forward to catching up with you again soon.

I would love to hear from you!

Use this space to introduce yourself or just say hello.

"O afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, Behold, I will set your stones in antimony, And your foundations I will lay in sapphires. Isaiah 54:11

the sapphire stone was the second stone of the high priest's breastplate and had engraved upon it the name Simeon- 'he who hears'.

thus the sapphire connection

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