For this teaching on Fear, we will look 1Kings 12 which is an extraordinary picture of someone botching the counsel of God. The story is of Jeroboam and his creating of golden calves because he was worried about the loyalty of his people. Rolling his story back to its beginning, the king at the time was Solomon. Jeroboam was in charge of public works and a rising star in the administration of the king.

The prophet comes to Jeroboam and says that God will give you ten tribes and a dynasty equal to David's. All you have to do is be obedient in your generation and you will receive an eternal dynasty. This is an enormous, stupendous promise. The next thing we read is Jeroboam has fled to Egypt for political asylum because Solomon is trying to kill him. 

That says that perhaps he did the exhorter thing and blabbed to his friends about the prophet's word and Solomon was not happy about the new king. Get this. That bad choice did not change the covenant God gave him but it did leave a scar leading to the mistrust of God because as soon as he moved in the direction of his calling he ended up a fugitive in his own country. That was Jeroboam's fault not God's.

Fast forward and God has fulfilled his word to him. He is crowned king. Now are you going to trust God to fulfil the rest of the covenant he established with you or not? Clearly God did fulfil a significant part of that covenant. God was clearly in it.

Jeroboam chose to look at the consequences of his own wrong actions in talking rather than looking at the faithfulness of God. He looked outside of himself first instead of inside and therefore he did not find the counsel of God. He created some other kind of counsel in making the golden calves an act of sheer violation to God's will.

He didn't look inside because of a fear based world view resulting from looking at the consequences of his own wrong choices. He had a wrong frame, 'following God can get me into trouble' and thus came up with a very wrong solution. He failed to look at the already fulfilled portions. 

Surely God placed wise counsel in him because God knew he was designed to be king but he could not find it.

prayer for fear

Spirit, I have some instruction for you. I would challenge you to go back and look at the promises of God that have been fulfilled. The portions of your birthright you have inherited. I challenge you to overtly list what God has said he would do that he has already  achieved and accomplished and put in place in your life. 

As you savor the portions of the covenant that have been fulfilled rather than those not, it will allow you to assess the counsel of God within you for how to walk out the rest of this period. Clearly there are some challenges in your walk, the possession of your birthright but that wisdom is inside and has already been given you with fierce intentionality by the God who knows the path you are walking.

As long as you focus on what God has not fulfilled you will not have assess to that counsel.


questions to explore

Having listened to this track on Fear, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Read 1 Kings 12 and follow the thread in Jeroboam's heart and in God's heart. We can easily fall into the same trap as this new king. What can you put in place so that you can choose wisely? 

All of us can be in that place of wrong choices and have reaped the consequences thereof. Does the idea that Jeroboam's wrong choice did not disqualify him of the covenant made to him bring you hope?

What has God said he would do that he has already achieved and accomplished and put in place already in your life?

Do you have something to share about this topic?

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