fighting futility

Fighting Futility is the first of our series of products to fight suicide. It is focused on the principle of fulfillment vs. futility. There are warfare prayers and blessings.

The drive to commit suicide is a complex dynamic. There are external pressures. There are wounds in the soul and spirit that make those pressures more intense. And there is the demonic presence, seeking to push one over the edge.

This album is designed to focus on the spiritual realm. It was recorded in a Mercy city in a Mercy nation where the stronghold that drives suicide is futility. Fulfillment is the seventh of the principles and it holds the key to the Mercy gift.

The first three CDs are aggressive warfare prayers against the demonic structures of futility. The next three are blessings of fulfillment to help you gain traction in life.

We understand that this strategy alone will not fully resolve the battle anyone is having with suicide, but we believe it will be a useful tool in helping calm the storm until root causes can be addressed.

But this is not only for those struggling with suicide. We are in the Mercy season of history, and a vast number of people bump up against futility on a daily basis. These prayers and blessings will benefit anyone who is stuck in the place of futility.

                              excerpt from fighting futility


Have you ever noticed how close in spelling the words finality and futility are? Scary close. This story is of Joseph of Arimathea. There’s a finality to his mess. He was a coward, highly educated, highly wealthy, well positioned coward.

A member of the Sanhedrin who knew what truth was, knew what right was but didn’t have the guts to go against the crowd and to speak out on behalf of Jesus when he was being condemned to death by the Sanhedrin. Finality. Couldn’t go back and modify his vote, couldn’t undo the fact that Jesus was dead, or remove the stain on his reputation of being a people pleaser. Nothing that could undo that act of cowardice.

Finality is a common onramp to futility. When we look at anything in life that is truly unchangeable, and that can only be things from the past not the future, it can drive us to a place where we stop trying.

Joseph of Arimathea to his courage, leveraged his guilt, grief and shame into a life of action. He was a businessman owning mines all across what is now England; he manufactured ten items and sold them around the Mediterranean Sea. He knew his reputation in Israel was pretty much trashed. The church had no use for such a coward, so he moved his attention on to the British Isles and poured his life into establishing the presence of the gospel there, laying the foundation for the church.

Although his cowardice significantly changed his playing field, eliminating most of his effectiveness in Israel, he did not allow it to stop him or make him powerless, rather he took the tools he did have, his business empire and leveraged that to build something of value, of beauty, of eternal significance for the rest of his life.

I bless you with finding the way to bear fruit in the future regardless of your past. There may be doors that are closed with an absolute finality behind you. That’s sad, but I accept that can be a reality. I bless you with going forward in spite of the shame of the past, in spite of all of your past. I bless you with bearing fruit in the future where you can, even if you have to change playing fields, change contexts change whatever. I bless you with not allowing your past to define your future. I bless you with being life giving, transformational, immense and honorable no matter how dishonorable your past may have been.

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