Foundation of Holes

I watched a fixer upper type show yesterday where they encountered a builder grade fireplace needing work. With a couple swings of the hammer the facade fell away to reveal a structure that consisted of mostly holes with some bricks stuffed in with a little mortar and a lot of sand. The fireplace was useless and had to be completely torn down so they could begin again.

This is me. Thank you. Too few bricks and mortar to begin with and later too many short cuts and laziness. I will be here awhile. Plus physically it’s kicking my butt so. . . Slow and steady. Again, thank you Jesus and thank you Tribe.

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Jan 26, 2019
holes to make us whole
by: lois

i want to say, 'well done' for being aware of foundational holes that need fixing. God is the master rebuilder. Having God sight is important and we may all need to grieve from time to time for a season where we could have done better. But i also want to celebrate with you other areas that you have invested in - have applied yourself to.

God sees all and understands where we walk and why. tearing down foundations is something i am familiar with. but even in this i believe is a gift. God redeems and restores and i bless your journey as you trust him to do just this. nothing is wasted.

Jan 26, 2019
Looking Behind the Facade of That Fireplace
by: Anonymous

I liked your comments about the fireplace and could identify with certain aspects of that fireplace as well. I jumped in the middle of things, as usual and notice that you have a reading or study going "Foundation of Holes."

Tending to do the safe things most of my life, which were often simple, easy choices, superficially it could appear as laziness (when examining myself). In a few seconds after reading your share, behind my simple nearly lifelong simple choices was the fear of failure. Simple choices meant I would not have to work outside of my comfort zone. Which also meant I didn't grow as quickly as those who acted in a (to me) "risky" fashion. Demolishing that fireplace, Wow! Thank you. Now I have to get to work and stretch a bit.

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