Freedom Flowers

by Seneca Schurbon
(Kooskia, Idaho, United States)

Effortless emotional healing for people and pets

We are a small flower essence company that works directly with individuals, natural health practitioners, animal rescue organizations, and others who value emotional well-being. Our mission is very simple. It's your freedom. Freedom from hurt, trauma, depression, fears, limitations, negativity, stress and anger to name a few. Our essence making process involves a precedent set in the text of Genesis 1, using both created and creative light. The essences vibrate with the frequency of the flower as well as the frequency of Creator.

The Process

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

English does not do this story justice. It's impossible to go from Hebrew to English without losing oodles of meaning. Each word has several meanings and even the characters that make up the words have multiple levels of depth. What I want to bring out, is that the word "hover" means to flutter, or vibrate. The Spirit of God was vibrating over the waters, infusing it with His frequency, and bringing it into tune with the sound of who He is. Water is a perfect recorder and carrier of frequency. Research is now confirming our understanding of water’s ability to be a bridge between the energetic and the physical worlds by accumulating and transferring vibrational patterns and information. It would make sense that He had to overwrite the old pattern of chaos and darkness.

Keep that thought. Now over here in essence making land, I'm employing the same process but adding the frequency of the flowers. Flowers are carefully chosen and added to water, which gets prayed over and left for the Spirit to come and "hover." I leave it alone until I literally see light, and see that it is good. In that manner, flower essences are both natural and supernatural.

Flower essences resonate the specific healing energy of the flower, as well as the energy of Creator. There is a flower for every emotional disturbance and they can get ultra specific. They vibrate at very high frequencies, where the negative emotional states will cause a person to vibrate at a low frequency. When you introduce a higher frequency into the energy field of a lower one, the lower has to give way to the higher power. Always.

Remember the water? That perfect carrier and recorder of frequency? Our bodies are 70% water - give or take. Sometimes, it may be necessary for our old patterns of chaos and darkness to be overwritten with a new frequency. Our own personal Genesis.

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