God wants to heal the world

by Sue Hinchey

Love the new webpage. A couple of years ago i was introduced to Arthur's teachings by a friend. She gave me the blessing the spirit book. I was really ill at the time so kind of flicked through it, then it got lost in a drawer somewhere. A year or so later I stumbled across it .. As you do when you're cleaning .. Picked it up again and all i can say is Praise God !! and thankyou Arthur Burk and you for pursuing this precious teaching enough to get out there! It has helped me in so many ways..with my own wounding , but also in dealing with others. I've always struggled in making friendships , so when I began to understand why I was like I was, that was ,I think , the beginning of moving forward. I've grown so much and still have such a looong way to go, and having these sorts of resources is such a comfort and blessing.
May God bless you and this new venture, may He make His face to shine upon you and light up this page for all the world to see.

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god want to heal the world!
by: lois

so thoughtfully and beautifully put. i am so glad we are friends.

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