Greetings from Kansas

by Dana
(Olathe, Kansas, USA)

This web site is amazing! I savored perusing each page and photo.... there is such a peaceful and encouraging atmosphere! Well done! And a deep thank you, Lois!

My name is Dana Heston. I'm from Olathe, Kansas USA. Smack dab in the center of the USA, surrounded by wheat and corn :)And just a few minutes from the "metropolis" of Kansas City.

I've been hanging out with Sapphire for several years now. Theft of Honor was a watershed teaching which transformed my parenting. Then I dove into the Redemptive Gifts, and have never looked back!

I’ve been married to my best friend for over 30 years now. He is a RG Teacher, and I am Mercy. Together we have had 10 children. Our oldest is almost 30, and our youngest is 5. We have 5 boys and 4 girls. We will get to know our 6th baby boy when we join him in heaven. My three oldest have gifted us with delightful sons-in-love and a treasured daughter-in-love. And this past week my 2nd granddaughter made a grand entry into our lives! We have home-schooled for 25 years now, and anticipate at least another dozen.

I have a passion for unpacking potential.

I have a focused intentionality toward young women, and especially new mothers, to bless them, nurture them, and support them in their journey toward profound mothering.

I enjoy playing the piano, spontaneously playing whatever flows out of me as I worship Father God.

I thrive on exploring complexity as it reveals the nature of our King. I love connecting the dots, discovering unexpected relationships, celebrating His poly-variegated wisdom, and weaving it all together into strategies to move others forward in life, toward their birthright and fulfillment.

I keep an assortment of teas in my cupboard to match the unique flavor of my day. But dark roast coffee with a spot of fresh cream fits just about any of my moods or times :)

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greetings from sydney
by: lois

hey dana,
thank you for such kind words. loved reading some of your story. do keep in touch here. would love to see how God is at work in kansas.

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