by Shazzzzzzz

I am actually feeling stuck at the moment.... struggling to move forward and with that I actually feel like I am slipped back.... I have not yet finished the precious study.... even though I am wanting to.... I am wondering if I am actual grieving... yes, I have had quite a few huge negative things happen in my life....

I actually first brought this set of cd's as I spent my 1st birthday in hospital very unwell with kidney problems.... I did not have any problems because of this while having children, though it was believed I would do.... I put this all down to all the pray at the time by my parents and their friends.

I have not really ever done the cd after listening to the warning....so very thankful to Lois for doing this study:)

God Bless

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Jun 14, 2018
hi ya, Shazz
by: lois

give yourself permission to just be still in the moment and let God gently lead you forward. there is a season and a time for everything, if you finish a study or come back to it later,,

God is so tender toward our weaknesses and is in no hurry for you to do anything. praying you find him right where you are now, rest in him and let everything else go. may he comfort you and bring refreshing breezes to blow away everything that interferes with your being together right now,

Jun 14, 2018
by: Sbazzzzzzz

I have been thinking and wondering, just yesterday about how possible June is actually meant to be a month of huge blessings..... and I know I am slowly seeing victories over the years... i never used to surface again until about the middle of July.... ( it used to be just one huge long blob of a time) but wondering what else I could be doing... or not doing....So I have it before God and asking what do you want to teach me Dad. :):):)


Jun 16, 2018
All praise to God
by: Shazzzzzzz

After finishing the last message I decided to do a timeline of June for the positive and negative things that have happened...

And I was surprised to see that there were 6 negative things that I walked in during the month of June during my life...and two positive things...... And even realising that on the same date of some of my negative choices back 40 years ago.... other bad things happened on the same date... And the beginning of June was when I came back to the Lord when I was 20:)

So I was able to that night, last night, go back and anchor these events into my timeline, I was already remembering feeling and owning... I also too ask Jesus to cleans my times including back down the generations..... all the above as in chapter 9 of "unleashing the power of your story" Then also redo the 4 strands of mine spirit as in chapter 10.... and anchoring my timeline into the rock of all ages....yay

I awoke this morning much different.... abit down about something but I let mine spirit know it was to rise up and take control over my soul and body..... done that a few times and have had a productive day...today...

( As other days I have not done much but lie around quite down unable to really do anything much)

Now to bless the rest of June:). Dates are coming up where it was very much in the negative...

God is sooooooo good:)

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