I bought a car

by Joan Westaway
(Brisbane Q Australia)

I bought a car
Quite a few years back I needed a car of specific size just so I could get in and out…
One afternoon I was surprised and then delighted when the Lord said ‘turn left into Lexus!’ There it was- the one car that fit me in every way (at that time). I’ll have it! It fits! Then I found that a Hybrid was available. Hybrids have a cute little electric battery hidden inside that supplements fuel usage. Even better! Mine! Paid for! In full! Mine!

Lining up with this lesson:
• God, for his reasons purchased the adrenals! This sale has been recorded and filed!
• This car has been purchased by me. No one can dispute the fact. Paperwork! Filed!

There is a ‘covenant’ in place. It’s like this car knows I will care for it, service it, and treat it well. And it will treat me well because of its exquisite design! Would this be the territory of the left adrenal? Yes! This illustrates the function to recognise that covenant and access its rights. It was designed to be driven flawlessly and economically. This is the ‘framing’ spoken of for the left adrenal!

I turn on the ignition, the engine engages, and the faithful battery is functioning with that power to get it moving. We start driving. All goes as designed. Then we come to a hill. Is it “Oh no! Not enough power? More juice needed!” No!

Here comes the problem-solving! Going along the level, the Hybrid’s electric battery has been quietly charging itself up, loading up with the extra power to get us up that hill with no extra drain on fuel consumption! This is the job of the right adrenal to grab hold of this nifty technology and use the little electric battery that had been charging itself all along as needed. Fun thing is that it will be recharging on the downhill run and along the flat where there is no drain! Design!

But, if the electric battery ever mal-functions (and it hasn’t) the car, bless it, can still run, using more fuel, but keep going! Amazing problem solving! Right adrenal- right up your alley! More problem-solving!

Now, if the main battery ever looks at its lack through ‘woundedness’ it could have a pity party. But, as God is there to remind the adrenals of His covenant in place, so am I here with a service team to activate the system back to original design, which includes not only its own design, but the communication with all systems, including ‘little brother battery’. Inner healing!

I’m seeing in this the hand-in-hand cooperation of both of these areas, ‘framing’ and ‘problem-solving’! Awesome!

So I’m thanking God for purchasing my adrenals and kidneys… so that He may restore them to original exquisite design!

• Footnote: And I am so grateful for the prompting to ‘turn left’, as we found there was no other vehicle of any other brand to accommodate my wounded body and walking aids at that time, all being too low or too high! (There are so many suitable ones now!Every brand, I reckon!)

My lovely car is still doing faithful service! Thank you Lord!

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Jan 30, 2019
by: Sheila

Oh, Joan - this is amazing - what an awesome picture. Thank you so much!

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