We close this section on Instruction with Deuteronomy 4:36 

He let you hear his voice from heaven so he could instruct you. He let you see his great fire here on earth so he could speak to you from it.

Moses is pointing out that it is not just what he said but it is the context from which he said it that mattered as well as the content. This is a principle to our own walk. The frame that we place around the messages we hear is very important for our adrenal and kidneys.

Small people talk about small things framing problems around petty perimeters. They define the world around pain and perhaps money. Big people have a larger view of the world, history and God. The result of being with big people is we think bigger thoughts, pushing our frontier of knowledge one step further. Seeing a bigger God brings out latent wisdom in us that wasn’t there before. 

Deliberately choose big people in your circle of friends who have a high view of the covenant of God and frame problems around God, not pain. Solving problems as sons with resources of the covenant, the wiser we shall be.

Along with that is our own encounters with God. Encounters that come in all different packages large and small. Think through your life experiences with God, listing your five most intense encounters- the most dramatic, significant that are framed around intensity. 

God designed his intensity to be instructive apart from his word. The Exodus and visitation of the ten plagues are all about God’s intensity. Tonight revisit your list of intense encounters,  going to sleep with these stories on your mind and invite your adrenal and kidneys to reframe tomorrows problems around the immensity that they extract from meditating on those stories.

blessing for intensity

I bless you adrenals and kidneys with being enlarged by pondering intensity, particularly the left kidney that frames the issues of life accurately. I bless you with seeing God in ways you have never seen him before so that you disdain every small frame the enemy puts around a problem. 

The resources are there as God has met you and other spiritual giants who have chronicled their intense encounters with God. Whether it be scriptural stories, church history, your life; let it be regularly resourced in soaking in the emotion of it all.

I bless you with being regularly enlarged, resourced and enhanced with emotion into the intensity of the God you serve. I bless you in Jesus name.

questions to ponder

Having listened to this section on Intensity, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

The frame that we place around the messages we hear are very important for our adrenal and kidneys. I can see this having a grand application for our good or our detriment. Changing these messages is doable. Rehearsing and engaging with the intensity of God is a great beginning. Putting this into practice and sharing it would create bigger people. I am sure that is a core value for us. Would love to hear your thoughts and outcome.

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