Living From the Heart Blessings

by lois

be encouraged. your destination is better than you can ever imagine

be encouraged. your destination is better than you can ever imagine

Spirit, I bless you with the knowledge that God's intention is to give you the desires of your heart. When we are living out of our hurt our heart's longings can sometimes get clouded and virtually look and feel different to what they truly are.

I bless your journey Spirit with a strong dose of encouragement knowing God is willing and able to partner with you to heal you from living out of those hurts and connecting you to the beautiful heart he gave you.

I bless you with allowing trust to grow as you let your guard down so that he can tenderly show you what your heart's desires really are, allowing you to navigate life in a new way. Daily exploring with him in the most gentle way.

Spirit, I bless you with an increase of joy and a decrease of fear as you allow God to give you what he knows you need in this season to unleash within you the freedom that comes from walking in and walking out those desires.

I bless you on your road of recovering and discovering the heart Jesus gave you moving you toward not away from those who will mirror your heart not your hurts in a timely and safe way.

Spirit, I bless you with fulfilling experiences on your journey towards maturity, with confidence that you are on the right track. I bless you in the name of Jesus.

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a not that long ago prayer

Lord, I so long to know that your heart is toward me, so I struggle with this no more. I know the facts, that God is good. Change my experience so that I second guess you no more. May all the conclusions I jump to be grounded in your word, anchored in your promises to me.

Awaken those parts of me that need to catch up to what is the current present reality. May you apply to their hurt the balm of Gilead touching me, healing me to the core of my very being.

Everything I have is not good enough, not complete enough. I ask you, I beseech you to add to the mix what is missing. Unstop the wells that keep me from receiving, blocked at every turn. Keep not your distance but break open your silence so that I can hear bird songs again, see you hidden in the smallest bud, trip over you with every step.

Stark naked I came into this world. I sometimes feel it still. Clothe me in your righteousness so that darkness can no longer shroud me…

i am at rest. breathing underwater as you smuggle me into your secret place where i am kept safe and secure, out of reach from all my enemies. i can rest now. rest now. so much-needed rest now.

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added treasure

Taking time to soak in the refreshment and not rushing the process

Taking time to soak in the refreshment and not rushing the process

Spirit, your Father has left behind for you a blessing.

Sometimes when we look back all we can see bombarding us is a toxic waste dump. Sometimes we feel waist high in the muck and mire of past generations.

This may be so but even more so is the fact that in that very place is also a treasure. Spirit, your heavenly Father has seen to it that behind you, underneath all that waste that you see is a blessing, a God sized blessing.

I bless you Spirit, as you choose the ‘cleanup’ wisely. Immersing yourself in the clean up is a full time job which can take a life time. God has designed and planned oh so much more for you than just the cleanup.

I bless you as you discover the treasure hunt. To see today the bigness, the potential that is already there.

Daily celebrations are in order for you, times of celebrating and savouring the autumn and spring rains as they come. Taking time to soak in the refreshment and not rushing the process.

Spirit, say with me, “You will restore the years the locusts have eaten. For you are the Lord and there is no other. Surely he has done excellent things and will continue to do so.”

I bless you as you come into agreement with God’s faithfulness toward you and as you continue to cultivate the heart Jesus gave you- a grateful, joy filled heart of love and praise.

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road to recovery

by lois

Your attitude and approach to life is your very road to recovery.

Your attitude and approach to life is your very road to recovery.

Spirit, your attitude and approach to life is your very road to recovery. You are in charge of this process now and where you choose to focus.

I bless you Spirit as permission is granted to be the reassuring voice you need to settle all arguments and disturbances, the chaotic push and pull, the tensions of life all happening in your inner world.

You are becoming your own expert as you become more and more adept at retrieving fresh information from an already rich deposited data file.

I bless you with approaching life with a new curiosity, vigour and adventurous spirit. You have answers, possibilities and certainly more tools than you have had in the past. You are not where you used to be.

You have been hand crafted and the manufacturers label has no recalls, ever. ABIDE, REST, RETURN to hear the reassuring Almighty voice that settles all cases every time. Let your voice resonate to the one as you attune to him more and more.

Spirit, I bless your sound to bring into alignment all that was not before.

I bless you sons and daughters as you continue to live from the heart Jesus gave you. In his name, Amen.

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a heart to dance

by lois

that your heart might dance once again

that your heart might dance once again

Spirit, I bless you this day as you journey toward living from the heart Jesus gave you. I bless you with the renewing of your mind as you rethink on all that has gone before you and all that is to come.

Your God is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. Your story matters and your God is a master storyteller. Listen with your heart as he retells your story from ‘the God was there first version.’ Listen and pay attention as he weaves together all the drama the enemy meant for evil, to claim as all his own.

I ask that the eyes of your Spirit be opened to see that the weapons that were used on you will now be used for harvest. Your God will use it all because all things serve him and his purposes. His plans for your life will prevail. And not just for your life but for those still yet to come into the fullness of what God has for them.

I bless you Spirit as you experience daily those areas that rub from a painful past wash away with the living water that he brings. Only his healing touch can put right those wrongs bringing beauty for ashes, joy unspeakable, so that your heart might dance once again.

Receive from his hand and his outstretched arm the nearness that he offers. There in his midst is light to guide. Headway is not only possible it is promised.

Spirit, be at peace cultivating your home to be a realm where God is enthroned. May it be your dwelling place, your hiding place where praise rises to him in this place of rest and calm.

I bless you with a heartfelt blessing in Jesus name, Amen.

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an adulteress forgiven

by lois

‘Go and from now on, be free from a life of sin.’

‘Go and from now on, be free from a life of sin.’

Spirit, I bless you from the story of An Adulteress Forgiven. Whether you have walked in this flavour of shame or not most of us have been caught out doing something questionable where it didn’t end well. Shame has a way of freezing us in a frame of unrelenting bondage.

I bless you spirit, to walk toward that frame to experience Jesus’ flavour of freedom.

There were the gatherers who sought to condemn her. They caught her in the act. They saw. They knew. They shook their heads and wagged their fingers. The weight of their disapproval uncovered her. She was now on public display.

But Jesus in his wisdom separates out their stuff from hers. Because the weight they put on her never belonged there in the first place. What she did or failed to do was now between her and the Lord. And by separating out with his finger in the sand she finds all have left her-

‘Until finally, Jesus was left alone with the woman still standing there in front of him.’

She did not run or try to hide. She stood before him. Alone.

‘How is this?’ perhaps she was thinking. This man is well sought after. Crowds gather before he even shows up. One person got to touch the hem of his garment but that was after pushing through a throng of people. Here I stand with him because of my record of wrongs. Instead of isolation, I am face to face with the master!

This is the heart Jesus has toward you. The heart he gave you recognises and marks the day and hour of such visitation. It revisits those places with him waiting for us there. He has heard your heart’s cry and he has come.

An audience of one. His love wearing no disguise. He shows up at the worst of times, being dragged into the arena of shaming but now they are gone and the weight of their words, the accuser, gone with them.

Spirit, mark the day and the hour of visitation. It is a clean break, a fresh start.

‘Go and from now on, be free from a life of sin.’

She goes but not without an imprint of his touch upon her life. Not without a redemption story that will be told for centuries more to come.

Spirit, be open to more of his touches where nothing else matters because he breaches and reaches those intolerable places and sets things in motion for you to live from the heart Jesus gave you.

I bless you, Spirit in the name of the one who holds the key to your living from your heart not and not your hurts.

I bless you in Jesus name.

John 8

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heaven's agreement

by lois

let your heart beat in rhythm with heaven's plan for you

let your heart beat in rhythm with heaven's plan for you

Spirit, I come into agreement with heaven's best for you. Here you are in this hour on this day as a witness of God's love, light and life. No involvement is needed now just being present to all that is around you undergirding you in this moment. If your heart is beating, let it beat in rhythm with heaven's plan for you.

I bless you with making a difference by being present because you are where you are until you are not. Be here NOW. I bless this leg of your journey, the highs and lows the ins and outs, the rub the pressure, the build up the ruins. It is all a playing field in the hand of God. It is all a part of a bigger picture, your story of redemption of revealing of discovery.

Spirit, I challenge you to walk the soul and body through this time in a stellar way that only you know how. Change the landscape and the way you see. Rise up. Breathe deep acknowledging the load he is able to carry and carry on- living, loving, rising and falling.

I bless you beautiful one as you continue to live from the heart Jesus gave you as you continue to heal, in Jesus name.

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