Love Yourself Jewelry

by Lyn Joyfull
(Spokane, Wa USA)

Each piece comes with a personal Destiny Word from the author of life just for you.

Each piece comes with a personal Destiny Word from the author of life just for you.

Hello and welcome to Love Yourself Jewelry. We are so glad that you found us.

This company was founded by a mother and daughter. My daughter was divinely inspired and came up with the name "Love Yourself Jewelry". She has seen first hand how women of all ages need to love and believe in themselves.

We are all on a journey as women to see and believe in our own value and worth, we matter and we are greatly loved and in order to love others we have to love ourselves first. So we have a unique line of one of a kind pieces of jewelry chosen with you in mind.

It is our hope that you will see how beautiful each of you are and the rare Jewel that is only uniquely you. As you look through our jewelry choose the piece that speaks to you and your heart.

You can follow us on facebook or instagram and order there or on our website: (we ship worldwide)

Lyn and Kara


Ruth M. from Scotland, UK says: The rings are beautiful and fit perfectly. Thank you so much for the extra surprises. The words you gave were so beautiful and accurate and confirmation.

G.G. from the Netherlands says:The color is so speaking to my heart, that I could cry! Last month God is doing something in me with this color, I began to cry. love it so much! ! Thank you for releasing those beautiful words, they came in Time.

Teri R. from Washington says: Hi Lyn, picked up my ring. Beyond thrilled. The colors are gorgeous and LOVE the copper accents. Now its time to invest in earrings!!!!!!. As always. Thank you so much. I love you and your art work.

Geri C. from Idaho says: thank you thank you, necklace is beautiful and send I the ring off to my friend tomorrow- you had it wrapped so beautiful---I can't wait until she receives it-My ring is so beautiful too and the words from God are so: God is so awesome--loving and caring

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