office of man or woman

When the repair work is done in the other offices, we can then proceed to the last office of man or woman.

There are many stereotypes of what it looks like to be a man or woman in our culture. In our western culture, commonality is a winner, yet God’s idea is vastly different. The objective in this office is your ability to build from within yourself. This parallels the sixth level of parenting- how to build and how to fight.

Many of us are working for someone else. So what does man or womanhood look like in that context when you cannot build from your design? It is putting in our work, pieces of us, our personhood, which is part of us. If you only follow the many manuals alone, we will fall short.

Jesus quoted, ‘Out of your innermost being will flow springs of living water.’

There is nothing mechanical in his words. Our spirit was created to make an impact based on who we are.


What does that look like for our soul?

• Maintenance – taking out the trash, repetitive chores. This is the first level of being productive.
• Copy or imitate – we do this at school as we replicate and regurgitate what someone else already knows
• Organize assets you already have – how you arrange your room or locker is an expression of your personality showing off your taste, possessions and desires.

culture wars

Our culture wars against building from our design. That is a given, and we need to stop whining and rise above that reality.

• Maintenance – we are not using that skill to build as so many of our life revolves around instant reminders from update software to when to change the oil.
• Copy -  our culture purchases finished products. We know longer need to know how to cook, decorate a house. Just purchase the app like Pinterest and jump on the band wagon of what is in vogue. All originality is gone.
• Organizing time- the skill of planning ahead is a greatly diminished skill as again so much is done for us
• Building according to someone else’s expectations- templates galore. The structure is already created, and we are expected to stay within it.

This causes us to have to have a hobby on the side to express our creativity because of controlled dynamics at work.  What do you do when you are in one of these companies that wants nothing of your creativity?


You need to focus on the center of your design. Find out what is your sweet spot and then find out how to make that portable. It is harder than it sounds and can take years. Start by writing down what comes to mind. Look at those areas flowing out of personhood and try to decide who you really are.

Example:  I am made for battle. To fix things the enemy broke.  Diagnostics. Unpacking treasure. Restoring alignment.

By holding up different aspects of your design, you are trying to find the core of your sweet spot. Instead of following the fruit and where God is blessing, follow your joy. Which faucets bring you joy?

The office of personhood does not have to be transformational. It is enjoying your joy. The office of man or womanhood IS transformational. You are making something by adding something to the culture.


When you have a general idea where your sweet spot is, the next step is to language it. Why?

• It gives you more focus in doing it
• Makes it portable to give to others
• It makes you more effective and intentional

How do you find this sweet spot? Follow the trail of your joy NOT the fruit.

Example from Arthur's life:

My sweet spot is the awe of God. I want to increase it in myself and in you. It flows into the second circle of Fathering, which unpacks you to become who God made you to be. The first thing is for you to be impressed with who God made you to be. Are you wonderfully in awe of how magnificent you are? My third circle out is strategy. We are all too often impressed at what the devil can do. I am impressed at how far out ahead God is then the enemy by the strategies he gives me. AWE. Awe is the motion of the spirit. I was looking for it in the realm of my soul.
Your sweet spot is the core of this circle, and we begin with a sentence. This will take you some time. Allow for it. It begins with the pronoun, I, then the verb and a noun.

I __ strength. What verb will you use once finding the noun? It matters, a lot. I give strength? nurture, celebrate, discover..? You can see the different flavors of each word when you bring them together. This sentence is the truest representation of who you are and your life’s work.
Back to Arthur’s sweet spot. I ___ the awe of God. Teach? Model? Discover? Reveal? (each time getting closer) Develop? Celebrate? Extol? Release? UNLEASH? YES! I UNLEASH THE AWE OF GOD!

This is a picture for me of male worship. Much of the church has sissified female worship. This is the intensity within understanding gender, the redemptive gifts.. all that comes alive for me. With every new playing field I enter, there is now an opportunity to build from within, from my sweet spot; bringing others to a place of awe.  In every task, my job is to unleash the awe of God.
I was moving toward my sweet spot all along but didn’t know it because I had no language for it. Without language, I could not be intentional. Once languaged, it changed how I approached everything.

Look at the playing field out there, bring yourself, your life and spirit to bear on that reality in order to generate new life. In my case the awe of God in you and in me.


Once you have your sentence, where do you begin? You begin by accepting the disparity of a culture that rewards you for being a commodity. DON’T start with the  question of how to monetize your man or womanhood. Just begin by practicing being invasive. Do whatever you do and at some level be opportunistic looking for ways to be life giving from your sweet spot.

You don’t have to be successful; you do need to begin, somewhere. Practice it , hone it, live it, claim it as your own. Look forward to God moving in and through you endorsing and validating your man or womanhood by his giving you those opportunities where you CAN succeed. Allocate the resources needed. Read the books, study those portions of scripture. Do something. Begin somewhere.


In most cases, the  culture will war militantly against your man/womanhood. Don’t get hung up on the injustices of the culture. Don’t expect affirmation from the outside. Simply walk in your design.  Today’s marketplace is the greatest context of slavery. The brutality of the economic structure is unspeakable. Free enterprise, small business where you have the freedom to produce an income based on your design for some is an impossibility. Every year, look at what you are doing. See what is optional, what can you do to have more discretionary time to develop your sweet spot. Be productive based on your design and essence.

Yes, we have to do things to pay the bills and survive at times but know who you are, where your sweet spot is, what man/womanhood looks like for you. Work hard to follow the trail of personhood and then to sonship where Father is enjoying your joy, into productivity where transformation comes from my design NOT from the demands of the culture. Work hard to get there and go further.

The foundational platform is - what do I enjoy? I am now at the place where I can say my highest joy, greatest fulfilment, the thing that brings me more satisfaction than any other thing is to bring about transformation from my spirit to yours by unleashing in you some degree of the awe of God. I got that from my heavenly Father. It matters less and less how people see me because I am settled in these three offices, and I can make an impact in the world more than the world can make an impact in me.
Back to the garden. The dominion mandate is to take the garden to the non garden parts of the world. This is not a command of conquest but rather transformation. Take what is in you and transform the resources outside of you. Make the world a better place and have a great time doing it.

questions t0 explore

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I hope you are going to us these tools for a lifetime of unpacking. The notes are here, use them to go and be dangerous. Wherever you are on your journey, I bless you and thank you for joining me here.

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