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I am an avid reader and I have to tell you, I just love a good story. 

OUR STORIES is a space I have created to connect with others as we journey hand in hand instead of alone.

Personally, I haven’t ever shared my whole story in one go. That would be too daunting for words. Instead, I have dropped a hint here and another there and have watched others pick up the crumbs. Snippets...Hansel and Gretel style. When we leave crumbs, we help others to find their way when they feel lost in the woods. No one needs to stay lost in the woods, people! Crumbs help us find our way back home. 

Our stories are unfolding every day. How we choose to see them and from whose perspective do we tell them? That is the art of reframing. I have given much time to this craft. Perspective changes everything.

 our stories can impact a fellow sojourner 

Jesus was a master storyteller. There was always more than meets the eye when Jesus told a story. He did not overwhelm his friends with its content. He left crumbs too. A hint at his death here, unraveling more there; word pictures sprinkled throughout his parables.

It gave his disciples an unfolding picture of who he was and the path of glory he would take before returning home.

Please don’t underestimate the power of crumbs.

You have no idea what they can mean to a fellow sojourner; what capacity they have to light someone’s path. 

I am throwing out the welcome mat for you to share with us in your own creative style, through poetry, photography, the written word; crumbs to leave along the way.

May our stories enable us to look forward with faith and hope, unleashing God's intervention in and through our lives.  

p.s.  if you submit more than one post here at OUR STORIES, i will merge all your pages to make a nook of your own so you can build a bigger picture for us all.

 crumbs from my table 

after dinner mints

in the meantime

the God who takes my breath away

how a green t-shirt turned my life around

enjoying your joy


my secret place

peace out of pain

joyful journaling

We would be delighted to hear from you

whatever bubbles up can be shared with us here

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"O afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, Behold, I will set your stones in antimony, And your foundations I will lay in sapphires. Isaiah 54:11

the sapphire stone was the second stone of the high priest's breastplate and had engraved upon it the name Simeon- 'he who hears'.

thus the sapphire connection

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