Potpourri Designs from Warriewood NSW

the fruit of the season

the fruit of the season

Wanted to share some words this morning...
Overnight was struggling with unworthiness(for whatever reason but that's a whole other story).. this morning tuned in to listen to Joseph Prince who was talking about 'those who dwell in the secret place... will rest in the shadow of the Almighty'... so where is that secret place?

Joseph said the Lord lead him to Genesis Chapters 15 - 16... what happened there? So I started reading and got stuck at Ch 15:5 'look up at the stars, if indeed you can count them', it's exactly verses like this that remind me of my unworthiness, and after a moment of meditating on it I see in my Gardener's Bible a cross-reference to Ps 33:1 'sing joyfully to the Lord you righteous, it is fitting for the upright to praise him'... again when I'm not feeling worthy the silly voice in me says 'i'm not righteous so how can I sing to you... then verse 3 hit me like a cannon ball ... 'sing to Him a new song'
BAM! keep reading to the end of the psalm...we are the people of His inheritance, He watches over us, He formed our hearts, He sees our hope in His unfailing love, 'in Him our hearts rejoice, ... we put our hope in you.' He put hopes and dreams in our hearts and He knows what they are... this is my new song.

What's yours? If you don't know, ask Him, He knows because He put it there.

We can only do all this because of and through Jesus... He is that secret place...dwelling in the secret place is abiding in Jesus, then the rest follows.


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Dec 13, 2016
Like David
by: Helen

This reminds me of David who learned how to 'encourage himself in the Lord.'

Thank you for sharing the process you used and I will sing a new song and together celebrate our worthiness!

Dec 13, 2016
by: lois

we were just discussing in BEING DANGEROUS in LAC cd-4 which asks, 'How long will you struggle emotionally with injustice and hardship before you get to the place of being dangerous?' this is a mark of maturity and a discipline i am wanting to grow in...

i was keen to also see your process and the resolution that brought you back to joy. great job! singing a new song with you. may the angels rejoice as your singing brings into alignment more and more of a revelation of your worthiness!

Dec 13, 2016
by: Sharon

Thanks so much for sharing.

So pleased for you

How refreshing

I am asking God for a new song in my heart.

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