Putting into Practice

I thought I would share this. It sort of sums it up, the process we are working to do here. The discipline at first perhaps, that we want to keep practicing until it becomes second nature. It is too easy for me to give airtime to my lows and let the highs slide. I like the idea of seeing our wins (high points) contributing to forward momentum. So well said. It puts weight on the act of savoring, celebrating and anchoring. This is not just something else to do. It matters. For me, I like to be intentional. This act is connecting the dots, something we spoke of earlier in the chapter. And those dots have to be connected to firm up our timeline.

What do you think?

~ I celebrate every victory, every tiny win. The big ones and the small ones contribute to forward momentum and celebration requires reflection and gratitude.

I had a few wins today. I spent a little time in a quiet room with a piano counting blessings. Tomorrow I will stand on those blessings as a foundation for the next set of challenges.

What were your wins today? Wendy K. Walters

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