Reconciliation to Land

by David Brooks

Our relationship with land and more has a lot more to do with partnership then commanding and standing on promises.

Our relationship with land and more has a lot more to do with partnership then commanding and standing on promises.

The next window of reconciliation is coming up June 10 through 30. Here is the link to an article which talks about this window at some length:

Please note that this window is not about God increasing our sense of comfort and wellbeing but about us increasing the amount of sonship and stewardship we walk in. That I believe is closer to the grace that God plans to give us; greater grace for sonship and stewardship.

I could be completely surprised on that. If God has something planned that far exceeds my vision, it wouldn’t be the first time.

At this point, I’m going to share how things look to me. If you disagree, please don’t feel pressure from anyone except your relationship with Father to walk the path He’s already been working with you on. And I hope the article above reinforces many good things for you.

From what I’ve seen the light of God is increasing in this area already. Again: this is how it seems to me, since I speak for myself and not for others.

There are several recent podcasts from our friends Dan Duval and Ruthie Andrews in the Bride Movement. I’m not qualified to endorse what they are saying but I will say that much of it fits my limited perceptions over the past period of time, and make a lot of sense to me.

The gist is that our relationship with land and more has a lot more to do with partnership then commanding and standing on promises. Partnership requires listening and synchronization and then seeking God as to what your proper role should be. I think our approach has been wrong in the past. You all remember Barnabas from the book of Acts? Look up Chapter 11, when Greeks started following Christ in Antioch. The apostles sent Barnabas to check out the situation.

Acts 11:23 When he arrived and saw what the grace of God had done, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts.

Barnabas walked a great example for us in that he didn’t come in and start exercising his superior knowledge, calling on them to follow him because of his experience. And he had plenty of credible experience, or the apostles wouldn’t have sent him. Barnabas was able to see what the grace of God was already doing and cooperate with that.

Working with land is an act of sonship because the land can’t like you on Facebook or tell you how awesome you are. Caring for land is a unique gift in that, if you are successful, it will mostly affect people who will never know anything about you. The benefits are real and largely known to God alone.

If you have never worked with land or considered this issue but would still like to be involved, please let me share the following, which I believe can be helpful.

Focus on being appreciative of every single thing possible.

Try to savor the smell of coffee or the feel of rest or the flavor of a lemon cookie.

Try not to rage at traffic (yeah, I know ...) and try if possible to find people driving responsibly and celebrate them.

Be super-pleasant with the person ringing up your groceries.

Be delighted with the beautiful colors of trees.

Try to improve the atmosphere in any way you can for these 20 days coming up.

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Land reconciliation: Day 1

by David Brooks

I decided to do my best at a daily post, partly to keep myself focused and partly to see what
everyone else comes up with.

In the weeks leading up to June 10, I did my best to listen to Father, to the land around me, to
my spirit about what I should do, etc. Anything I could “hear” in the discerning sense I listened to
and evaluated. That’s a lot of filtering. My “land assignments” are often pretty vague: do this one
thing, this one way, and as you go, fill in the blanks. Today was pretty much on track with that.
But, let me back up to yesterday.

Tyson, my son-in-law and I were driving down a main road with a two-way stop each mile; we
had the right away and cross traffic on this entire road has to stop. We’re out in the country. A
guy rolled into the intersection, never stopped or even looked our direction, and took out
Tyson’s truck. HIs side, the driver’s side, was bent way in; my side had an encounter with a
utility pole plus both airbags went off. My ears are still ringing a bit, a day later.

The reason I mention this is because I realized this afternoon that the other driver’s unusual
aspect seems to me to characterize much of the driving and social interaction in this community:
lack of attention, disconnected, focused on things of low importance. Yesterday after the
accident as I was walking and looking for junk to pick up, I said to Father that I was looking for
the good to come from this. And this afternnon I realized that what I was seeing were the things
that play out in my business with many of our customers, among other things.

We have a strip of grass behind our building so after everyone went home I sat out there and
prayed, thanking God for His vision and the depth of His care, and starting to repent on behalf of
the community for giving up hope to see “something better than this,” for the coldness, not
wanting to explore everything that is wonderful, love everything that is good, enjoy God. Know
God and care about HIs statutes not because they are rules but because of the great wisdom
they contain. I prayed the Scriptures I normally pray plus several more.

I’m looking forward to greater clarity on this path as I go and as our friend Susan Miller said,
demanding that the enemy gives back what he stole plus interest. A lot of interest.

How are you all doing?

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Land reconciliation: Day 2

by David Brooks

About complaining..

I woke up between four and five this morning and before I could get back to sleep, I started
getting convicted about complaining.

Before I met Susan in the mid-2000s I enjoyed taking a deep dive into Greek, to the best of my
modest ability. I don’t know Greek but I’m good with languages and had some stellar tools,
including a modern lexicon, exhaustive Greek and Hebrew concordances, and a Bible which
showed the part of speech and tense for each word. I know that’s not a substitute for real
learning but I didn’t have that available at the time.

Anyway, I still remember the day I stumbled upon Philippians 2:14 which is usually translated
something like:

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, (NIV)
Imagine my surprise to find the word translated as “do” has the idea of making or building. It
seems to me, and has for some time, that Paul is NOT saying “don’t let complaining cross your
lips, just watch what you say and how you say it.”

Like a language formula is what God is after; say the correct words in the correct way and all is
well. We all know in this forum that is not the case. I believe Paul is saying something much closer to this:

Build whatever you need to, make whatever practices you can, so that complaints stop,
altogether. Do what you do in the opposite spirit of that.

When I found this word, “poieó” (please allow me to butcher the pronunciation for you later) I
was ecstatic every time I found another application in Scripture for it. I bored all my friends,
none of whom were excited about Greek. And more importantly, I found ways to apply it in my

One application was the weather; I grew up in Alaska and frankly I have seen nothing in the
Lower 48 worth much comment. The tornado in Dallas was exciting but then so are
earthquakes. For me to NOT complain about weather is easy. All I had to do was not follow
other people’s lead in that area ... I think Susan has heard me start to complain about the
weather once and she literally whipped her head around in surprise. I repented and got over
whatever was bugging me at that moment.

Fast forward to today; there are things I’ve been complaining about, and without exaggeration,
those are the things which cause me the most problems.

I think being mindful is one key to the complaint problem. Back to Alaska: when it’s -60F / -50C
there is no way to survive unless you are mindful about everything you are doing. It’s just not
wise at all to let your mind be somewhere else.

It may take a different skill set to be OK in harsh weather than it does to walk unscathed in an
environment of carnality and gossip, but both require similar skills in avoiding foolishness.
It makes me think that God said, for good reason, to walk with your eyes on what’s happening
around you (or “walk circumspectly”). And greatly reassuring that He says we will hear His voice
behind us. That makes more sense than ever.

Today’s prayer time on the strip of grass behind our building was focused on repenting for
complaining; Christians about Mormons, other Christians, other churches, your own church;
complaining in general about isolation, infrastructure problems, lack of city planning, lack of
traffic engineering; husbands and wives complaining about each other; customers who don't
own their own issues; and so on. I asked Father to consider forgiving and cleansing in the way
He sees best and thanked Him for the Blood of Christ which reconciles us not only to God but to
everything the Lord Jesus Christ has planned. Susan came out and we prayed Psalm 103
where God forgives our iniquities and heals our diseases.

At times today, I could literally feel the weight that was on the land from all our sin ... not that I
was crushed by it, but it is not something to be pushed aside. God could do this on His own but I
believe it brings Him pleasure to work with us.

How about everyone else? How is it going?.

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Land reconciliation: Day 3

by David Brooks

Sense of sonship

I woke up relatively fresh and ready to go, unlike yesterday. While I was making coffee and
taking care of the dogs, I asked my spirit what today was about.

The answer I got was “a sense of sonship”. So, that’s what I watched for through the day.
Andy Robb first talked with me about cleansing time and land every day for a year, in
mid-December. I think I’ve missed a few days along the way so I’m looking forward to finishing
this year and repeating next year. One thing that has come from that is a sense of ease when I
have the opportunity to be in God’s presence. I still have the same awe, if not more. The sense
of ease is like ... it’s right to be here. It’s good to be redeemed. I’m exactly as human as
intended for me to be, happy to depend on Him and happy to participate in any possible.

As I left for the office I realized that the frustration I’ve had managing people for the past several
decades has more to do with God giving me an engine that is bigger than my transmission is
rated for. No wonder it’s been so awkward. I was talking with a friend about it last night, and
even bringing it up made me feel bad. I stopped feeling bad; there’s a mission in this process,
something worthwhile to ask about and look for.

If you’re not familiar with the teaching on engines and transmissions, here’s a link:

I’m not sure yet how this is going to play out. I had several unexpected good things happen
today and some very challenging ones as well. Going into my prayer time I reflected yet again
how nearly every good thing I’ve received from the Lord spiritually has been here, on this land.
Even with Mormonism, with whatever iniquity drew them and whoever came before them, with
all the myriad issues and heaviness, God has still been gracious to me and the land has been a
blessing to me. I have received much from being here. In spite of the obstacles.

My prayer time focused around believers being freed in their spirits to receive as God intended
for them; for the shame to be lifted, for each of us to know and experience the grace of Christ
working in our lives, the spirit of Christ working in our spirits, being changed by the revelation of
Christ’s love, us growing into the sons of God.

I took a picture of the strip of grass where I’m praying. If I turned the other direction you’d see a
number of other businesses.

How is it going for all of you?

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Land cleansing: Day 4

by David Brooks

Trauma bonds to land I asked my spirit this morning when I woke up what today was about. I didn’t get an answer so I settled in to listen. A few moments later Susan told me what had happened before I woke up. She said the Lord took her back to a house where she had lived as a little girl. She described the yard and how the Lord led her to a particular place on the property.

We don’t know what happened there but we asked the Lord to cleanse and redeem and break what needed breaking, and did what we believed He was telling us. That seemed to go well so Susan also prayed for trauma bonds in my family of origin. I looked through the day for more clues. Finally, when my prayer time was approaching, I asked the Lord specifically about Idaho Falls, and then the answer started to come.

I had read an article recently about a new exhibit at the Museum of Idaho (which is local) about the very early settlement days. This would be during the so-called “Wild West” period with loose morals and weapons. I won’t describe the craziness because it triggered me, so it might trigger others as well. I first asked the Lord, is it the spirit of murder? Because that was certainly a component. No ... it was jealousy. Normally when I deal with jealousy I start with it being from the enemy, he was jealous of us and so infected us with his poison. And there is no need to be jealous because God has no lack, so jealousy is both a blatant lie and a misdirection. Etc. This time I saw a connection with Cain. The intensity of Cain’s jealousy struck me. Abel got the sacrifice right and was the one to do “The Thing” which was pleasing God.

No one apparently had pleased God for some time, that they were aware. The sacrifice experiment was a long term project with a big potential payoff. Abel was approved, Cain was not. I was struck by how quickly jealousy escalated to murder ... and then it became clear, what I had read, about the men being jealous of their wives affections, leading to the same end result. God advised Cain to “get over it” so to speak. Cain could have stepped back, taken a deep breath then reproduced Abel’s formula to see if he got the same results. If it were me, I would have tweaked it at the same time. There are many possibilities ... without staining the land needlessly, and without murder. If Cain had just focused on building. In my prayer time, I focused on petty jealousy and our mental and spiritual garbage which keeps us from applying ourselves to using our talents to build, to increase.

Jesus literally made everything, according to the plan He designed. And that plan is to fulfill everything God the Father desires for creation. I believe it will bring God great glory to pull this off. We will know eternally what He is capable of.

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2019-06-14 Land reconciliation: Day 5

by David Brooks

Mental health on the land

Susan and I share an interest in mysteries; we like Agatha Christie’s “Poirot” and the Canadian
series “Murdoch Mysteries”. In fact, when we went to Toronto a few years ago, we tried to track
down where they filmed “Murdoch”. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time of year, but still a fun

There’s something compelling to us both about a suspense tale that starts with the improbable,
and as the narrative progresses the pieces come to light and finally the answer is right there for
everyone to see.

The story of Adam, Eve and their three sons is a little more sparse in details than many stories.
We know from Genesis 5:3 that Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born. We have no
idea when Cain and Abel were born or how old they were when the sacrifice incident took place.
We also have no idea how brutal the shouting matches were during those years. I suspect, from
the Bible’s complete silence about the happy marriage, that we may have never seen the
“blame game” played out as it was during those days.

We do know that God told the serpent that Eve’s offspring would crush its head (Gen 3:15).
Presumably, Eve thought that would be Cain, and so the unrealistic expectations began. It’s
hard to pinpoint a different source for the pressure Cain seems to have been under to perform
and so save humanity from their fate.

And it’s even harder to picture how difficult their living situation would have been, that is living
with each other, for jealous rage and murder to ignite so quickly. Someone once told me that
pressure creates diamonds. Euphemisms have their own special irony.

The words “mental health” were in my spirit this morning. Even last night I was starting to weigh
the importance of good mental and emotional health when Susan and I were praying about
jealousy and the tragic story of Cain.

I think the following is key for us who work with land and who walk with others and believe for
God to make a radical difference in the lives of people around us. If God didn’t provide, there
would be no progress. In Genesis 4:25 Eve has another son and says, "God has granted me another child in place of Abel, since Cain killed him." God provided.That’s what made the difference. The sacrifice was a good project. Jesus refers to Abel as the first prophet (Luke 11:50-51) and you have to think that Abel was on track for doing the right thing in the right way. And yet, it came down to God providing more than it was us hitting the nail on the head.

When God decided to destroy the earth, He provided. He showed Noah how to build a boat that would make it through the flood.
When God called Abram to Canaan, He provided very good land and an enduring vision of who He is and what His relationship was going to be with Abram, later Abraham. God initiated; Abraham didn’t discover a way, God made a way. God even provided on “the mountain of the Lord”. Abraham could have sacrificed his son and was willing to believe God would do the right thing and raise him from the dead.

God did the right thing, but it was so much greater than the “right thing” Abraham imagined. Scripture commends Abraham for believing God in that way, and yet God went beyond that. He provided a sacrifice for Abraham and later provided His own Son. And God did that so right, so well, that instead of it being a failure ... OK, words are failing me. I hope you get what I’m saying.

In our quest to work with the land, an immense number of really bad things need to be addressed. God goes out in front and provides more than we know to ask.

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2019-06-15 Land reconciliation: Day 6

by David Brooks

Pleasing God

Living with Susan is always interesting. We’ll get in the car to go somewhere, and as we leave
our neighborhood often she’ll have a realization to share or new development about something
we’ve been working on. She’s spiritually active and competent in a great number of things, so
we could end up talking about anything imaginable--and beyond.

Most of the time I will have something, too. One thing I’ve learned about women in our culture is
that they are not often valued for the depth of their insight. I don’t know why that is because
most of the ladies I know have deep insight in a lot of areas. I want my wife to always feel safe
talking about whatever she wants to, and to be listened to intentionally. I’ve made it my practice
from before we were engaged to synchronize with her the best I can.

What that usually means is that I do my best to remember what I had so I don’t forget by the
time we’ve talked about what she has. At one point it took me days to remember; that was kind
of frustrating so I asked the Lord to heal those parts of my brain. He must have because now I
normally remember within a few minutes.

Today she asked me if I was going to write more about Cain. I had planned to so she said,
obviously he wasn’t interested in pleasing God. If he had been intent on that, he would have
made a new altar like Abel’s or at least asked God how he could improve his own version. I
forgot quite what I said in the post but her summary seemed solid and added the element of

What I had for her is that in a way, Jesus and Abel had something in common. Abel made a
sacrifice that God accepted, and he died as a result. Jesus also made a sacrifice that pleased
God, and He also died although that was the plan all along. Hebrews 10 quotes from Psalm 40
in describing how Jesus’ body was prepared as a sacrifice, and Revelation 13:8 says the Lamb
was slain from the foundation of the world. As long as this world existed, before we came
around, Jesus had already died for us.

As I prepared for the prayer time I looked up the verse about pleasing God that had been
rumbling around: Ephesians 5:10 and find out what pleases the Lord. (NIV)

I started there and scanned back through chapter 4. Ephesians has always impressed me as a
“power” book but it also has a tremendous amount to say about right living based on our right
believing and based on the work God has done in us.

Ephesians 4: 20-21 That, however, is not the way of life you learned when you heard about
Christ and were taught in him in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus (NIV)

In my prayer time, I focused on Christians in our area prioritizing their relationship with Christ to
the point where they focus on how He has taught us in the past. Unlike us as believers, Jesus
gets it right the first time.

I also prayed for our relationship with the Holy Spirit. It seems common in our area to either shut
out the Holy Spirit altogether because you just can’t trust, or you just don’t know; yet the Holy
Spirit has everything we would want in a companion including the enviable quality of holiness
(so you know He will never do you wrong) and having the mind of God. Unfortunately, we also
have the opposite end of the spectrum where people seem to believe it’s their responsibility to
hear from the Holy Spirit on other people’s behalf.

Our office suite used to be a beauty salon. I felt some of the weight of the false esteem and
values you sometimes find in those environments; not that I’m an expert but my wife’s family
was in the salon supply business. And I used to clean salons; you learn a few things.
How is everyone doing? I’m encouraged that we seem to be finding issues which are more to
the core.

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2019-06-16 Land reconciliation: Day 7

by David Brooks

One of the unexpected developments of this window of reconciliation is the number of conversations I’ve had with people about government, including people I have known for a time, people who are pre-Christian (family member) and people I just met.

I feel that, in this Tribe, we know better than to say “we just have to pray” because of course, we do. I long right now to do a breakdown on the first part of First Timothy 2 because it’s so much more interesting when you don’t gloss over it.

For anyone who cares to, I think it is valuable to read those first 8 verses without the grid of all the shallow rhetoric you’ve heard over a lifetime.

I also *want* to say, don’t ask for wisdom for leaders because (as far as I know) nowhere inScripture does it say we should ask for someone else to receive wisdom. There are two passages that talk about asking for wisdom for yourself: one in James chapter 1, which says, go ahead and ask; and of course the example where Solomon asked God for wisdom to rule when God said, ask me anything.

I really want to make this point but I have not yet reviewed everything in Scripture to make sure I’m right about that. It’s important to me to give good advice on a topic this vital. The closest I am aware of, regarding asking for wisdom for someone else, are these two passages:

Colossians 1:9 since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives

Ephesians 1:17 I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.

The spirit of wisdom and revelation ... that’s what WE need as a Tribe, as individuals, and as citizens in our respective nations. Knowing God’s will better, knowing God better.

It’s my take that asking for a believer in Christ to have the spirit of wisdom and revelation about the knowledge of God’s will is one of the most completely “natural” things we can experience in a lifetime. It is not meant to be a rebuke; yet, it will challenge us and correct us on every level,
and it’s coming from the same thing our new natures are made of.

Yes; I think we should unpack Paul’s instructions, as soon as we (as a Tribe) have enough revelation to make it work like it’s supposed to. Let that be soon.

If you are interested, here’s a great resource from Arthur: Praying for Leaders.

I vote that we take Paul’s example and pray along those lines for each other.

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2019-06-18 Land reconciliation: Day 8, part 1

by David Brooks

Yesterday I had a lot going on but I was able to connect with “my strip of land” so to speak, the grass behind our office suite. We’re fortunate to be that close to actual land as much of our area is asphalt and building. We have a substantial fence behind us, and beyond that is a neighborhood with trees and grass. I used to have a friend there and it’s quite lovely. But, on our side, we have that nice strip of grass. A friend pointed out that land is still land even if it’s covered up.

Yesterday the conversation with the land moved forward a little from what it has been. Knowing how God has wired me, up to now I have mostly keyed on “feeling what I feel” in that I realize I’m affected by everywhere I go and have worked to develop some discernment to distinguish
where those feelings come from: people or place, or me. By praying after work when the building is cleared out I’m attempting to focus on what remains after the people have left. This is the opportunity I have now so I’m taking it.

I felt last night that the land expressed some appreciation for my concern. I say that weighted by the fact that I’ve worked in that neighborhood for nearly a decade and have not paid a lot of attention to the land; this reconciliation effort, now, has been a very long time coming.

My spirit pinged me gently about a recent incident which has stuck with me. A few months ago we had some natural disasters going in another part of the state. I prayed, and as part of that I attempted to address the land. I got pushback from the land so it seemed best to stop.

Susan prayed and addressed the land as well; you should know that Susan has the ethic of kindness and it comes out in what she says and does. But there was an additional factor. Susan reported, and I sensed as well, that the land was neutral. The next time we sensed that the land “knew who she was” although we didn’t sense whether the land was willing to listen or not.

We were puzzled by the land’s last response but this came forward. Susan is also heavily invested in an effort to show love to the entire state of Idaho. She has her time, creativity, many hours and finance wrapped up in this. She works with people state-wide to express love for the state appropriately, ultimately to honor what God has put here--much of which has gone unrecognized. There are treasures in the state few know of and mysteries hidden here as well.
The land on the opposite side of the state knew who Susan was.

Going with a conversation I had with Father before the alarm went off today, it matters a great deal how we live in the place we’re assigned. Briefly, that’s why it is worth a lot to me to learn to live here wisely. Clearly, my education is in progress. I believe the more we can invest in how to pray for government, and how to be citizens here, the more effect we’ll have. I personally am going beyond repeating “pray for government” etc.

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2019-06-18 Land reconciliation: Day 8, part 2

by David Brooks

I’d like to raise a few points about wisdom. I hardly feel qualified to discuss wisdom in general, but for the sake of sonship it’s better to embrace the process than to continue in intimidation. Earlier this year my wife Susan and I took a road trip to check on a few relatives on my side of the family. As she drove and while I napped I had a dream. I found myself seated at a table. A woman was taking a chair across the table from me. She introduced herself as Wisdom.

I instantly had scores of questions for her which I started rattling off. She looked at me and simply said that she had wanted me to meet her and that she had hoped we would be friends. She waited a moment while I was in stunned silence, not knowing what to say. She was very pleasant but clearly had her own agenda. I could tell she was not impressed with me, and when she got up to leave I quickly followed her out of the room, into the walkway outside the room. I lost her right away. And then I woke up and told Susan about the dream.

I went to Proverbs and read the first 8 chapters to get perspective on what I’d seen. Up to that point, I’m afraid I viewed wisdom as a commodity; if you have it, then you’ll do a good job, make the right choices, keep out of trouble. Proverbs 7:4 Love wisdom like a sister; make insight a beloved member of your family. Proverbs 1:20 Wisdom shouts in the streets. She cries out in the public square. Proverbs 2:2 Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding. Proverbs 2:12 Wisdom will save you from evil people, from those whose words are twisted. And so on; there are many passages in the first section of Proverbs we could discuss here.

The first two I listed above clearly point to Wisdom as a person, along with the passage talking about Wisdom participating in creation. In the third and fourth verses along with many like them, Wisdom could easily be seen as a “thing” or a commodity; if you have this quality, you’ll be free from evil people, etc. However, it seems to me to be clear now that Wisdom is not a commodity. Wisdom is a person. And you need to learn to love her and listen. She never stops talking, and she’s loud and clear, but we need to tune ourselves to listen. And that takes work; synchronizing to God and synchronizing to a person both take a lot of focus and willfully tossing some thoughts out so the thoughts you are hearing have room.

Another passage that we tend to underestimate is James 1:5: If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. I read James earlier this evening. Rather than this being an isolated verse in the text, it fits beautifully into a framework that discusses how generous God is and how transforming is every word He speaks. This past winter we had a project in Sapphire where we spoke wisdom over several individuals, possibly “Fred” and “Sally”. My spirit literally tricked me into being part of the group that spoke this verse: James 3:17 But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and the fruit of good deeds. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere.

I vote that if we ask God for wisdom for anyone, we ask for James 3:17, all of it. For six weeks I daily spoke this over the people we sought to bless, and several of my friends who were going through a rough time. It put something in my spirit that had been lacking. “First pure” ... this brings such life to me. And all of this verse. The peace is not “peace at any cost” but wholeness, fitting rightly with the Lord. And so on. Wisdom is a person; love Wisdom.

Let’s pray big.

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Land reconciliation: Day 11

by David Brooks

(The 20th is the eleventh day of the window, not the tenth)

I appreciate Chris Pfohl having a post, and having a sense of urgency about it. The post seemed well received by many. (some posts are not included here)

We’ve been talking about government over the past few days, and before that about complaining. I’ve been re-listening to an album called “A Redemptive View of South Africa’
which came out a few years back. It’s been on my mind to listen again.

Here is the link for this album in the Free Audio section on the SLG website:

CD 5 track 5 talks about Orange County, California. SLG was in Orange County before they
moved to South Carolina. Anyway, the story goes that a financial manager misused county funds and lost billions of dollars. The county was facing bankruptcy. One of the local churches posted intercessors in the county
government building to walk the halls and pray, five days a week; they weren’t overt about it, no obvious signs, just asking God for blessing and wisdom for
the government office holders.

I heard once how long they prayed before they saw results but I don’t recall how many months or years this went on. Five days a week.

Then there came a time when God showed up:
1. The money was mostly recovered
2. Each city in the county “spontaneously” birthed a city wide outreach, with unity among all
the pastors
3. The leaders of gangs “spontaneously” decided to make peace and reconcile. At times a
politician or minister might have been able to coerce a few into going public. Not in this case. The gang leaders did it on their own.

I submit to you that recovering the money was an answer to prayer, and the other two were God cleansing the land. The church *should* have been actively praying for specific government offices. The church *should* have been using their God-given resources not to only benefit the work of the Kingdom but also benefit the community they were in.

Sadly, when the financial piece was resolved, the intercessors stopped praying, and the other two activities vanished overnight. When their specific pain point was resolved, they quit, in spite of the kingdom blessing.

Many talk about Jeremiah 29:11 as being a pivotal verse, but for me it has long been this one:

Jeremiah 29:7 Seek the prosperity of the city to which I have sent you as exiles. Pray to the LORD on its behalf, for if it prospers, you too will prosper.

Family, this was BABYLON. It was not God-friendly, Jew-friendly, Torah-friendly. It was corrupt (see Daniel, particularly chapter 5). God raised up the Babylonians to execute justice on the nations around them and in particular to punish Judah for flagrant idolatry. God judged the Babylonians because they went too far.

And yet God said (read the chapter) you’ve got 70 years, no matter what your so-called “prophets” say, you’re going to be here, and you’re going to make it work. And not just for yourselves.

And at this point I am still believing God for more of the picture, but at least I’m more outside of myself and not focusing so much on my own pain. So, that’s progress.

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