the redemptive gifts of individuals

There are so many people who have been impacted by studying and applying the redemptive gifts of individuals in terms of propelling them into God's design and destiny for their lives.

Making sense of our life is a wonderful thing. The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals will help you to do just that. It will help you to discern which things are the result of culture, unresolved wounds or character development that you still need to grow through. And then there is this precious list that is distinctly YOU! This is the original design, the software if you will that God gave you before it was intruded upon by the stuff of life.

redemptive gifts; your core design

This teaching not only identifies your core design, but it also shows you the central issue you will have to overcome, the primary principle that you will use to do that, and the birthright that you need to pursue.

Tens of thousands of copies of the redemptive gifts of individuals have brought freedom and dignity to people around the world. This is the original teaching that hundreds of other organizations have built on in their varied expressions of these timeless truths.

Redemptive Gifts Grid with Principles

excerpt from this teaching

CD1.12 Possessing Your Birthright

There is a seventh reason and one that drives me the most and that is to help each one of the gifts understand and to possess their birthright. The book of Hebrews grieves me as we think of the whole issue of people not entering into their rest. They were in Canaan, they came out of the dessert, they crossed the Jordan River, they experienced the miracles so many good things happened and yet they fell short. And as I walk thru the body of Christ, the greatest tragedy to me is not the people who have been overtly devoured by the enemy and they are broken and living in sin and bondage, the greatest tragedy is all the believers that are living at plus twenty. All the believers that are just good enough that God is not spanking them, walking in some measure of holiness and righteousness but they have no clue what their birthright is, they have no clue who they are and what they have to do to possess their birthright and they die without experiencing fulfilment.

It should not be the exception. It should not be a rare occasional thing for somebody to know their birthright and to possess their birthright and to end their life with a sense of profound fulfilment of saying, ‘This is what I was made for and I accomplished what God called me to do.’

Again, the birthright is encrusted in the gifts. The greatest triumph of the devil is in keeping believers who have great anointing a great call of God on their life piddling along doing small things, doing the Lord’s work, seeing a little bit of fruit here and there but failing to walk in the dignity of who they are, failing to experience the joy and fulfilment of possessing their birthright, failing to understand how to get from point A to point B.

It is my passion to help people to see God’s plan for their life; to understand who they are from God’s point of view. To step beyond the pigeon holes that the religious society has established for them and then to know what price they have to pay to get from where they are to where they possess their birthright. Because God’s design is for a win win proposition. God’s design is for the body of Christ to experience the greatest benefit at the same time as we experience our greatest joy.

That to me is what the redemptive gifts are all about. Knowing your birthright and then possessing it for your joy and fulfilment and for the release of the body of Christ as a whole.


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