Seeking More

by Mary Holt
(San Antonio, Texas)

I am grateful to find your site! I am hungering and thirsting for more and need breakthrough....Thank you!!!

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by: lois

welcome, Mary. if you take away anything from this site I hope it is this..

be encouraged! (i actually read this earlier this morning and Jesus perceiving their thoughts said..)

it is a word for us here because he knows our hearts are thirsting for more and in need..

i do pray he gives you what He knows you need and you will recognize this gift when it comes. there is a whole lot of great teachings coming from SLG and ways to network together. i bless you as you navigate your way around and not get overwhelmed with it all. that you will know that you are LOVED and CHERISHED just as you are.

may rest and peace be your portion as we trust for your (and my) break throughs.. they will come.

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