chapter - 3

Stories are the playing field designed by God for us to occupy. It is easy to get hung up thinking that our journey is all about healing woundedness. I know I did. The truth is, our journey's are two fold. It is not only about healing our wounds but equally important is unpacking the treasures put there by God. Each one of us is designed to be an expression of his nature. Think of it as an author with an idea or message he is using his book to express. Our story would be pointless and powerless without this vital core truth. We share the same Author and our story is important to him. 


Our essence is the heart of our story. It is what enables us to leave a lasting mark on the world we live in. It lives in our human spirit and is eternal. It is the design that God built into our spirit.

Our essence is the key ingredient in the purest form, quite like essential oils, which in and of themselves are very concentrated and potent. These are the things we discover about ourselves that are SO like us. What makes us tick, drive us, cause a passion to rise or even our anger. It's what makes you get up each morning and face another day.

the storyline

The power of our storyline is the place where our potential will be unpacked. It is a cumulative process of experiences that build over time. It takes a process of living and learning to unpack what is in our essence. Our potential without experience does not necessarily advance the kingdom of God. The storyline of life IS the place where we engage to unpack our God given essence. The place where we learn the skills and develop the tools needed to live big, to live in our God given design.

the conflict

the conflict

  • our choice of reacting poorly or wisely in an given situation is where the conflict can arise between your essence and your storyline
  • there may come a time where our idea of how things should turn out and our reality clash
  • blocking or detaching emotions from our experience

When we refuse ownership of an event in our lives, it breaks that connection to the timeline and the resources can't flow forward. 

The missing piece: we must heal the brokenness of our timeline. Healing the trauma itself is not enough. Emotional ownership is the key.

Why? Because God wants to weave your WHOLE story into his kingdom work through us. After all, it is your story.

questions to explore

Having read this first third chapter, Stories, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

What is your favorite story? Is it the happy ever after kind, or one filled with grit? Which kind of stories are you drawn to?

Your essence is the heart of your story, the things that make you tick. Can you share what that is for you?

Can you describe the process by which your essence is unpacked and expressed?

What causes the conflict between your essence and your story line? Has the detaching of your emotions caused you to break connection to your timeline? 

Are you excited or challenged to begin or continue the process of healing the brokenness of your time line?

How does the twofold truth of our journey land for you? Are you leaning toward one or the other or both simultaneously? 

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