For this teaching on Strategy, we will look at 2 Samuel 16:23. 

Now in those days the advice Ahithophel gave was like that of one who inquires of God. That was how both David and Absalom regarded all of Ahithophel’s advice.

Notice the clear contrast, 'was like' - sharp, accurate as a seer, an oracle, a prophet, but he was none of these things. Ahithophel was drawing not from outside of himself rather he was getting it from inside. David had no manual to handle a rebellion from his own son and in that unique unusual situation, nonetheless, he was able to look inside and find answers, a strategy. This is a picture of council like someone having a personal chat with God. 

God, looking at your life knowing which boss will turn against you. Fill in the blank, no matter how much you trained in college you will not have experienced based wisdom with all you will face, you just can't.

God has deposited in you, council, a bundle of information that will allow you to frame effectively this new situation you are facing so that you can solve the problems through the grid of the covenant of God. It has to do with resources. A slave has great difficulty solving problems because what he looks at is the lack of resources and being paralysed by this lack is part of the mark of one with the spirit of slavery. On the other hand someone with the spirit of sonship is able to see the resources and leverage them. 

In David's case it was man power and time. Two conflicting pieces of resources that were available. Bringing this forward to your life, you too have variables, surprises, things not on the schedule that you have no frame for. Within you there is a deposit of the counsel of God that can be accessed by your adrenal and kidneys.

prayer for strategy

I bless you with the faith to believe that God did a complete job depositing council in you. I bless you to move out of slavery into sonship and to default to looking and listening inside. Listen to that deposit. I bless your soul with partnering with the adrenal and kidneys and finding that deposit so that it is useful, readily available to the variables of life on a Monday morning at home at work or wherever you might be.

questions to explore 

Having listened to this track on Strategy, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

Where are you on the continuum from slavery to sonship? Do you have a plan to move forward?

Is this a new concept for you? Can you look back and remember a time you 'read the inside files' and brought an area of life to resolution?

Do you have something to share about this topic?

We would love to hear from you

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