the ark

The Ark looks at Psalm 139:13. For thou hast possessed my reins. Another word for reins is kidneys. The better word for possessed is purchased. The adrenals are part of the Endocrine System which lines up with the RG of Ruler. As we see from the sevens in scripture this gives us a picture of the ark of the covenant. What does this covenant dynamic look like for the adrenals? Our adrenals are the landing pad for covenants both good and bad. God, knowing all things preempted that by purchasing our adrenals and making them fit for covenants with him. 

We enter into this covenant relationship with some form of attachment to our adrenals. Our adrenals have to frame and problem solve. The left adrenals focus on understanding the covenant of God and framing the crisis we are facing accordingly. Because of woundedness we tend to project our past onto our present thus our right kidney is unable to resolve the problem. The more we are deeply immeshed in the immensity of God, the more we will have an understanding of covenant.

We see Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego handling this in Daniel 3:16-18.

He purchased, bought back our adrenals to be in clean covenant relationship with him.

prayer for the ark

Father God, I come to you as the Righteous Judge of the Universe. We proclaim there is a universal law that cannot be broken only violated and reap the consequences of that violation. With our current understanding of scripture, the adrenals have a plug in point for spiritual covenants. We desire to have the primacy of the covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. We acknowledge Individually we have entered into a blood covenant relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth and we have done this knowingly as an act of our will, irrevocably that we cannot escape that covenant, neither will he under any circumstances. 

We acknowledge there are unholy covenants coming down from our family line. We ask that you would open the books in our family line, the blood lines and marriage lines and adopted lines if any. Examine and annul any covenant that is not fully righteous and just in your eyes, If the terms don't line up perfectly with your universal law, I ask that you would annul the power of that covenant, unplug any device that's attached to our physical adrenals and remove that the traces of that generational defilement.

We simply proclaim that our marriage covenant be subordinated to the covenant with Christ. At any point that this covenant is not perfectly in alignment with the covenant with Christ, may our covenant with him supersede them, over rules them and limit their functionality. 

We ask that our kidneys be restored and established as a righteous depository for the blood covenant relationship with Jesus the Christ our Lord and King. We ask in Jesus name.

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