by Denise

Never thought about the Kingdom having a gender. The church has been obvious (i.e.: bride) but the Kingdom does feel male in general when I contemplate it - like a conquering warrior.

Still on a journey to discovery (healing and training). My 25 years old bicycle shop (employment) has served its purpose of paying the bills. It has also been a safe place of training and practice. I have an idea of what my shed is or will be... and am getting closer to the point of stability that building concretely can commence.

Even though I am hesitant, (still working on sonship and worthiness) God ambushes me with encounters to show me glimpse of who I am, how He wants to use me, and what He has designed me to walk in. And whether I think I can or not, or if I'm good enough, or if I know enough, doesn't seem to bother Him one bit. :-)

I've seen ministries that need to be let go of but because they once had life, the "owner" won't let them go. They see it as their duty to drag it on because they were called to it but they neglect to hear a new call/direction. I don't think the idea of a Kingdom cycle has ever been taught. Love the way it is languaged on this cd. I think that once we expend so much energy building, we tend to think we should be "entitled" to smooth sail it for a lifetime when in fact, God moves on to the next thing but because it's painful to move and our mindset is that we are loosing or failing, we get stuck. I like the mindset of build, give back to God, build again. ... so, when I do get my shed up and running, I'm going to try to be mindful that it may be a temporary one and keep my mind attuned to the possibility of a new shed needing to be built once the first is up and productive.

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Nov 21, 2016
good stuff
by: lois

well said. I too have appreciated the new concepts of church and kingdom. an 'aha' moment for me, really. with core truths like this, one is able to move forward with better intentionality.

I like the part of how God ambushes you with encounters! And after 25 yrs you are still very much in the game.

thank you for sharing this very good stuff!

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