Truth be told

by Elouise van der Merwe
(Lydenburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa )

I'm a careful observer by nature. I'm made that way. I long for truth. I used to search horrifically hard for almost truths, but then found real Truth in Jesus. And my aim is to get to know Him better, every day. To grow in awe of Him, and gain more understanding, bigger perspective and to really not miss the game plan He has out. I want to be smack in the middle of His game plan for me. I'm His, best thing that ever happened to me, and all my close observations, all my learning, all my figuring out of things and all the rest of me, is now really alive in Him. I love that He is Truth. I so love that Jesus is my answer and that it's going to take a lifetime to get to understand the full extent of Him. I love that it is 'above understanding'. I love the mystery and adventure of following Jesus, the crazy excitement, that feels to me like geuirilla warfare.
I love how you do your website and Facebook, Lois. Your pure heart shines through your writing. That is beautiful.

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I'm a careful observer of nature
by: Anonymous

You had me in the first sentence, for I too find sooo much truth in nature,,, in God's perfect and original plan. Observing animals, the birth of new chicks with an inbuilt identity to scratch, eat, sleep, roost; or seeds that have lain dormant for years then spring to live given the right temperature and rain. So we too have all we need inside, waiting for the right season, the right conditions, to sprout and come forth into full fruit-bearing season. We just need to be patient, to seek Him, to listen for His guiding wisdom and trust - that He does work all things together for good, to let go of our own understanding, but in all things acknowledge Him and He will - as He promises - will direct our paths

shine your light
by: Anonymous

Beautiful words and blessings, Elouise

by: Elouise van der Merwe

Thank you very much, Lois. Blessings of His Wisdom and Insight, Holy Spirit closeness to you. Much love too.

by: Shazzzzzzz

Your words are like a pray:)

Very inspiring:)



timely for me
by: lois

Elouise, winding down toward another new year, laying down all (like the website, social media..) to steward what he has called me to do in the next season. sometimes wondering if any of this really matters. whatever i decide, i am blessed by your words in so many ways. i too stand to forever discover a bigger view of God! love what you wrote. tucked in my heart. may God continue to shine upon you..

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