Up and Running

Monday morning just as you said, the notes go up for our Study Group and I am thankful.
This is such a blessing, you have no idea. Or maybe you do. I hope you do.

I am gleaning so much from this study and I know others are as well.

Hoping for some discussion as the week goes on.

Bless you!

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Aug 23, 2016
Hey ;)
by: Cvandz

Haha. Thanks ;). Nah, notetaking is still progress (as well as language lessons),, but yes I guess not behind in the big scheme of things ;). Thanks for the greeting from down under ;). What can I call up here? :P. Greeting from the west coast of Canada ;). Man i want to connect more in person...I would have more to say ;). Anyways...as for as comments go. Have you listened to Your health and the redemptive gifts? Totally off the study topic, I know, well maybe not so far-fetched, but I had to laugh so hard at the part about the prophet and giver and the parasympathetic/sympathetic nervous system example. I haven't laughed that hard for a while, I found it hilarious ;). I don't know about you and your sense of humour, but between that clip and the one on YouTube on Activating your spirit that I listened to a while back, they had me hollering with laughter, thought it was so funny. Good, but funny ;). Couldn't share it with anyone at the time tho ;) would have taken way too much explaining for ppl unfamiliar with this stuff at all. I found it pretty funny tho :P. Anyways ;). There's a random tidbit for ya ;) have a good one ;).

Aug 22, 2016
greetings from down under, cvandz
by: lois

good to hear what you are up to, friend.
still on the servants day, eh. any insights you would like to share? would hardly say you were behind. can comment anywhere at anytime.

stop back when you can.

: )

Aug 22, 2016
Sweet ;)
by: cvandz

So good to hear how it's going on your end ;) unfortunately, I'm still back on taking notes on the Servant still. I got a little distracted by "Your health and the Redemptive Gifts" and "When your Call is Blocked" or I would be up to speed with you guys :P. But those were good ;). And I will be coming back and hopefully catching up with you guys ;). Blessings ;)

Aug 22, 2016
study group
by: lois

very cool, Sharon. what an interesting way of God setting you up here for this study group!
i too feel very connected and excited. i have so needed someway to keep myself on task. this has been a discipline that is really paying off.

again, I am so glad you are here.

Aug 22, 2016
blessed to be part of the study group
by: Sharon

Yes this is a blessed study. I am here again in this safe place of truth and life giving words.

I can feel tears whelming up because of the truth that sets you free with this study group and sapphire connection community.

Last year I believe God was telling me, that I would be studying this year. And studying, I believe He was meaning to get a job in the field I was studying. Then when I got to the beginning of this year, I believe He said half way through the year, is when I would start studying. Still believing it was going to be studying to get a job. During the first half of this year, I lost all desire to study to get a job, and I believe that He was getting me ready to do this study, which i believe He always intended me to do.

Thanks Lois

And May our Heavenly Dad bless you and give you much insight.

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