Waiting- Where the Change Happens

by Jayna Coppedge

Are you uncomfortable with the spaces in life?

The time between events is getting shorter and shorter. We are becoming adrenaline junkies. Normal now means out of breath, out of time, hurry. God did not design us to be dependent on caffeine.

Although Jesus knew He had only 3 years with the disciples, I don’t see Him over scheduling. Nowhere in does the Bible say, “Jesus hurried, or Jesus rushed.”

There is a rhythm to life; think of the waves coming in and going out. We have forgotten about the importance of waiting.

After lifting weights, muscles need times of rest to reconstruct and grow stronger, the inactivity is as necessary as the exertion. The doctor says, “No heavy lifting for 6 weeks.” I get restless, can’t feel anything changing, so I ignore the advice. Disaster.

Between the Jesus’ resurrection and His ascension, the disciples decide to go fishing. (John 21)

Fishing after what they had been through was recuperative. No crowds, just friends, no learning, just the rocking of the boat gave them comfort. Even the physical nature of fishing served as stress reliever. They had an incredible amount of mental processing to do. I process better outside with nature.

I heard a speaker on happiness say that we are less happy now because we do not take time to anticipate. Doing the research for the purchase, looking at the travel brochures, and buying the school supplies build the pleasure. We knew that, but somewhere, we started becoming impulsive and spoiling ourselves.

The time between the ascension and the arrival of the Holy Spirit would have been hard for me. As my daddy always said, “Let’s get this show on the road.” I think I would be muttering, “He says to go, and then He says to wait. How long must I wait?” I would have been restless after the first week. God knew the disciples not only needed the Holy Spirit, they also needed 50 days of rest. This was not slothful rest. They were praying; growing in their faith.

Imagine a farmer, he diligently prepares the soil, plants the seeds, waters and fertilizes the crop. After a month, he gets impatient and starts harvesting the stems but receives no produce.

I need to embrace our seasons of waiting. Although they may seem unfruitful; these spaces in life are an important part of our spiritual, physical, and emotional development.

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Thank you Jayna

A Woman Trusting God

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May 14, 2015
Seasons of Preparation
by: Shelley

I would have to agree... these seasons of waiting and often hiddenness are really a gift to us. It is during such seasons He prepares us. We may feel like they are unfruitful times when in fact the purpose of these is not to produce outward fruit but rather for the the Holy Spirit to work in us and cause our roots to go down deep in order to sustain the growth of the coming season.

The following clip uses the analogy of the bamboo plant to encapsulate this principle. Be blessed!


May 14, 2015
with bated breath...
by: Kyz

Thank you for sharing, Jayna! I'm discovering that waiting is so important these days, especially in the context of asking God/knowing how we should spend our time, what battles are ours to own, and what ones we should let go.

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