Wisdom is supreme. Get wisdom. Yes, though it costs all your possessions, get understanding. 

In Proverbs 4:7 we see the expense needed to acquire something of value. Wisdom and Understanding portray the work of the left and right adrenals. Wisdom begins in the fear of the Lord. If we don't have a profound sense of awe and fear of the system that God has established, if we don't understand that nobody breaks a law we only reap consequences of violating the law, we will not have wisdom.

Understanding applies to the right kidney, rooted in the nuanced decision making, looking at the data and weighing the subtle differences between this strategy and that strategy. It is very different to the word Yada which is based on experience. It is a problem solving model that comes from inside sensitivity rather than experiential data.

Two versus that colour this picture: 

In James 1:21 we see this grafting in and even though the scar is visible, still the two have become one. James talks about the Word being ingrafted in our souls, with all of our history of junk, it would be imprinted and colored by the truth, woven in such a way that you can't seperate out truth from the soul.

In Jeremiah 4:14, there is a request to wash wickedness from our hearts. Our adrenals and kidneys also have the usual spiritual crud as does our heart. Our request would then be for God to wash foolishness which is the antithesis of wisdom from our kidneys and adrenals, that would affect our decision making and our thinking. For God to wash, deeply scrub and remove those generational memories and traumas and belief systems and ungodly beliefs, inner vows and every manner of twisted thinking from our adrenal and kidneys. Imprinting on them, engrafting in them, weaving into them wisdom into our left adrenal so we can frame every single problem around the fear of the Lord and the majesty, the immensity of the covenant he has established, the implications and consequences both negative and positive to our response to that covenant.

And then for the right adrenal and kidney to have imprinted and woven into becoming an integrated part of the actual tissue of our body, that understanding, that nuanced ability to make the decisions to problem solve in a way that will take us forward in the path toward our legacy.

prayer for wisdom

Spirit, you are in partnership with the Holy Spirit and I challenge you to go to the Holy Spirit and to ask for the skill set and wisdom necessary to imprint the Word of God upon those portions of your body, the adrenals and kidneys. To imprint wisdom on the left, discernment on the right.

There are labels we have seen in working with deliverance, scars, yokes, chains, mantels, an extraordinary number of devices imprinted on the body. And what the enemy can do, God can do much better. So the Holy Spirit knows what it takes to ingraft wisdom and understanding into your left and right adrenals and kidneys. Partner with the Spirit and move toward making this an established dynamic with that portion of your body.

questions to explore

Having listened to this track, Wisdom, what are your thoughts and emotions that bubble up? How do you relate to what is being described?

In what ways are you partnering with the Holy Spirit to purposely move forward in the path toward your legacy?

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